Skillenza Growth Hacking Digest – Week of June 7 to 10th ’17

Each week our team goes through hundreds of Growth Hacking articles to select the Top 5, for Growth Hacking professionals, to grow and learn from. In this week’s top 5 we want to share with you, the time efficient and cost effective methods of creating and sharing your own Facebook ads, growing your user base with zero content promotion, using social proof as a growth hack and the right customer to focus on.

  1. 10 Advanced Ways I Use Social Proof to Increase Conversion Rates 

What are most online businesses getting wrong when it comes to social proof? Social proof has turned into another conversion optimisation tactic that is an essential part of any digital marketing checklist. Talia Wolf walks us through the 10 clinical ways she uses social proof to increase conversion rates in this article.

2. You are not your customer

Startups succeed when they either offer a new service or product or listen to their customer and solve a need. Ex-Pinterest growth lead Casey Winters explains if you have too much domain knowledge you do not represent your long term customer. Always focus on new or potential users of your service or product. 

3. What I learnt after spending $3 million on Facebook ads

Facebook is where the majority of your customers exist. How better to attract them to your website, app, service or offering than through Facebook ads? Noah Kagan hand holds you with expertise towards creating and driving your own ads on Facebook using the Business manager tool.

4. How to create a growth hacking framework

The ‘fake it hack’, ‘aha moment hack’ and ‘exclusivity hack’ all work to an extent. What you lack is a a scalable and repeatable process so you can efficiently execute, test and learn from these growth hacks. In this article, Kissmetrics shows you the guidelines for creating a successful growth hacking framework.

5. How we went from 0 to 32,977 users with zero paid traffic

Pay for a boost – that seems to be the go to strategy for any online business to get their great content out there. Using the Wordable tool, Grow&Convert blog was able to increase their user base from 0 to 32,977 users for a grand cost of 0. Want to know how they did it? Take a look here!


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