10 movies you should watch before AI rules over the world!

Stuff got real! Didn’t it? Man vs Machines.
A battle which is getting interesting. Advancements in science and technology are skyrocketing each day! Machines can now actually think!!! Advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are spicing things up.

The Rise of Machines
Man vs Machine

The best sources for understanding the scenarios of yesterday-today-tomorrow are the movies. They clearly depict what’s in store for us in the future when machines take control of everything!

So here are the top 10 movies on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Watch them before the day arrives where we start accepting Machines as our Fuhrers and let them rule over us! Don’t blame us. We warned you 😉

1) Metropolis (1927)
The first movie ever made on machine learning! Was highly acclaimed for the use of special effects and the storyline. A movie much ahead of its time!


2) I ROBOT(2004):

Will Smith was able to save humanity from the wrath of the robots.
When they strike in reality….


3) Ex-Machina(2015)
“Artificial Intelligence would be the biggest event in human history.Unfortunately, it might even be the last” ~ ELON MUSK
One of the most acclaimed movies on Artificial Intelligence. You may not want to miss it. Not when you see EVA!  


4) HER(2013)
Remember the sexy voice of Scarlett Johansson? Imagine how cool it would be to have a machine mate like her!


5) Robocop (1987, 2014)
Who doesn’t remember this super cop? Outlaws! Come quietly or there will be trouble!



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6) Avengers- Age of the Ultron (2015)
“If a super intelligent machine decided to get rid of us, I think it would do pretty efficiently.” ~ Shane Legg, Co-founder, Google Deepmind
This is what happens when you feed in a lot of brains to a machine! Wrong move Mr. Stark!

Avengers- The Age of Ultron

7) The Terminator Series

Welcome to the future. Your karma will decide your present!


8) The Imitation Game (2015)
A must watch for analysts and mathematicians! This movie unveils the power of mathematics. It’s interesting to see how they build a machine to decipher the Nazi codes including Enigma!

The Imitation Game

The Matrix (1999)
“Never send a man to do a machine’s job.” Yes, you heard it right.
The best movie to tell you how machines will rule us in near future!

The Matrix

10) Bicentennial Man (1999)
Probably the only movie that suggests that humans and AI can co-exist peacefully in near future.
A fun movie to watch. The robots are also shown exhibiting and reciprocating human emotions.

Bicentennial Man

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