5 Easy Steps To Honing Your Coding Skills

Like anything else, there is no standard procedure for learning to code. There might be guidelines, there might be courses,and ideologies but there is no set way of going about it. But wait up we’ve got it all covered for you. Here’s a 5 step kickass manual to honing your coding skills! Let’s get started:
  • Don’t just read codes, run it: It’s very easy to go through a tutorial and convince yourself that you get it. But do not fall for the trick, this mind is a dangerous conman. Run it yourself understand the nuances and then believe. Writing the code down instead of copy pasting will enhance your focusing and coding skills. Try out new things, see what happens; the changes will happen instantly, and there is no risk of death or a disaster. After all, a set of codes will do what you want it to do.
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  • Debugging: The sooner you learn debugging techniques, the faster you’ll learn to code. A debugger will help you walk line by line through a piece of code. It will let you see the values of variables, and whether the code inside an if statement is executed. It can help you quickly answer questions about the functionality and purpose of your code.
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  • Learn as much as you can: The resources are plenty, All you need is motivation. It’s like going to a gym. You find reasons to avoid it, but when you get into the flow you cannot do without it. (I am still trying to start though :P) Consume the sample programs by experts, attend online courses, hackathons and meetups. Motivate yourself and push for it!
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  • Get a judge: Criticism is very important in coding and you need a code Nazi for yourself who is so strict that you wish he didn’t exist. Jokes apart assign yourself online judges and get your cides rated on a constant basis. Participating in challenges and hackathons is another way to keep your code body in shape and up-to-date!
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  • Practice and participate: Programming is a practical and hands-on skill. You have to continuously work to be good at it. It’s not enough to solve the problem theoretically, you have to code it out and get the solution accepted. It takes both knowing the algorithm/logic and implementing it to be good a programmer.
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Venturesity’s House of Code brings to you the greatest programming event of the century: Code Haus. Here you get to validate our huge database of competitive programming questions. There are interesting algorithmic challenges aimed to exhaustively test your fundamental coding smarts. And they vary in difficulty. So there is something for everyone to cut their teeth into!

So do not wait up, get set and code now!

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