5 Skills You Need To Sail Through That Interview with Flying Colours

Your dream job is just an interview away. And you’ve been hard at work, you have spruced up your resume and sharpened your technical skills. But is that enough? Jobs are no longer offered to you on the basis of just skill, employers want the whole package. They want effective communicators and confident personnel who can excel even in the toughest of situations. And they use the interview to gauge whether you can be all these things.

Here are a few tips on what you should and shouldn’t do to convince your future employers that you are perfect for the job they are interviewing you for.

Listening In

A lot of job seekers do talk a lot these days, and with plenty of confidence to boot, but not many listen. Listening is an important skill, at the workplace, and your interviewer sure will be rating your knack for it by the time your interview winds down. Listen carefully to the questions that are being asked and take a moment to think about your answer and whether it effectively answers the query that was posed to you. Listening will also help you have a meaningful conversation with your interviewer instead of just an awkward exchange of questions and answers.

Ask Away

Contrary to popular belief, asking questions during an interview is actually a good thing. No, it does not come across like you are stupid. Instead, it showcases the lengths you have gone to prepare yourself for the interview and the interest you have in the company’s workings. Of course, your questions need to be well-thought off and don’t ask questions just for the sake of asking questions. During the course of your research or while going through the JD, if you have any queries, make sure you clarify them at the interview table instead of carrying back niggling doubts about your role.

Change the Topic

Be professional but don’t be a bore. In 2016, companies are more likely to invest in well-rounded personalities – people with real interests and passions – rather than two-dimensional workers who only think about the task assigned to them. If during the course of the interview, you get to share your knowledge on the latest developments in your field of work or your hobbies, then, do so with gusto.

Desperado Alert

It may be your dream job but there’s no need to beg for it. A lot of potential employees make the mistake of groveling for the job and display their desperation, that’s not a good sign at all. Sure, do sell your skills and showcase your capabilities and achievements. But don’t cross over that fine line and beg. It’s a sure way to kill all your chances at landing your dream job.

The Chaser

You may have heard of the saying – ‘Out of sight, out of mind.’ Don’t let this rule apply to you. Once you have finished your interview and have gone back home, do send an email that thanks to your interviewer for his or her time. Let them also know that the communication lines are open in case they need any further information or clarifications from your end.

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