Build An Invincible GitHub Profile by Participating in Hacks

Build An Invincible GitHub Profile by Participating in Hacks


These days, the difference between a great coder and the rest of the crowd is a brilliant GitHub profile. A widely-used repository service, GitHub is loved by the coding world and many professionals use it to showcase their skills and proudly display their achievements in the field. And why not? After all the hard work you put into crafting products with your code, it’s only fair that you get to share it with the world.

Companies and hiring managers are also turning to GitHub to get a general feel of what potential candidates are capable of. Your GitHub profile can show them the kickass work you can produce and also give them a hint or two about the level of knowledge and skill that you bring to the coding table. So, in short, your GitHub profile can easily get you closer to that dream job.

But the truth is, unlike a resume that will probably take a day or two to put together, your GitHub profile requires much more time and work from your end (i.e. if you are looking to build a kickass profile). You will have to work towards keeping it updated and fresh otherwise you may find that your profile easily loses its appeal. But this is easier said than done. Like the rest of the world, coders too have hectic lives. And between your responsibilities at work and home, you might find it very difficult to give your GitHub profile the attention it deserves.

There is, however, a way out! A simple hack (you can thank us later) will ensure that a brilliant GitHub profile with your name on it is out there, floating about on the world wide web, waiting to be discovered. What is it, you ask? Just attend hackathons! At many hackathons, you’ll find yourself working with other coders. And it is in these scenarios, that tools like GitHub (or similar tools) come handy.

These days, established brands and exciting new startups are all hosting hacks on a regular basis. These companies provide you with a platform to challenge yourself and discover your full potential. Online and offline coding challenges are where you can rely on skill to build incredible products that vastly improve businesses. At these hacks, there are rarely any restraints, so you can unleash your creativity to make something that you are proud of. At the end of each hack, many hackathons ask coders to submit their work through GitHub. And even if they don’t, you can easily log on and upload your work for the all the coding community to see!

So, now that you are fairly convinced about the importance of an updated GitHub profile and how hackathons can contribute to them, you are left with one task – to find a hackathon. Well, we can help you with that. If you haven’t already heard, Venturesity is an expert of sorts in the area and we have many hacks lined up for the coming weeks. You can take a look at all our upcoming hackathons and codeathons here.

So, we’ll be seeing you at the next hack, won’t we?

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