Here Are A Few Compelling Reasons On Why Everyone Should Learn To Code

Here Are A Few Compelling Reasons On Why Everyone Should Learn To Code


These are very wise words from Steve Jobs indeed. We can’t deny the fact that technology has taken over pretty much every aspect of your life. At work, many of us use a variety of technology products to accomplish the tasks we are handed and, even otherwise, we now have apps for everything from paying our utility bills to dating, and eating out.

It no longer feels impossible when someone suggests that in the near future that our daily routines will include working extensively with tech products, building apps, and writing code along with our usual KARs. So, why not get a head start? There are plenty of reasons why all of us need to become code literate. Here are a few:

Code Is Everywhere

Whether you are a writer, a sales executive, or an accountant, a closer look at your day-to-day work will reveal that you use programs and apps on a daily basis. In the west, businesses are increasingly waking up to this fact and making an effort to educate everyone on the ways of tech or code. The truth is there is probably not enough tech support in your company to address every single problem at the very instant it occurs. Won’t it make a world of difference to you if you have a working knowledge of how a software works? It may, for all you know, enable you to take charge and solve the problem yourself.

Improve Your Brain

There’s plenty of research and studies that showcase the improvements coding can bring about in your brain. Programming is not just about building apps or writing code, it involves a lot of processes including debugging and putting together useful interfaces. So, naturally, this can only mean good things for your cognitive development. Studies have shown that coding develops areas in the brain connected to language processing, working memory, and attention.

Get Your Job Done

Once you get the hang of coding, you can venture out into creating products of your own. They need not be complicated software but even the smallest things that help you in your day-to-day life. There are plenty of stories on the internet of rookie coders writing a few lines of code that cut down the time they spend on a particular task at work. For example, if you are a writer, building a product that helps you catch grammatical errors in your copy will ensure that you produce error-free copy at all times.

Strengthen Your Resume

As we mentioned before, more and more businesses are looking for talent with technological knowledge across departments. If you are a blogger with excellent HTML skills, your chances of landing a job only get better. Knowing your way around code that is essential to your work can add great sheen to your resume.

If not getting down to writing code itself, it will be immensely useful if you learn how technology at your workspace and otherwise works. A thorough knowledge will help you in the upcoming challenges that will come along due to the rapid advancement of technology. If you don’t want to be left behind, you better get thinking in the manner that Steve Jobs recommends.

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