Here’s A List Of Exciting Open Source Projects That You Can Contribute To

Coding is an ever-evolving art and, if you are a coder, you must be prepared to be a life-long learner. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through the learning process alone. There are plenty of online coding communities that help you hone your skills. Beginners can become pros, and pros can become code ninjas.

Participating in Open Source Projects are a sure way to become a better coder. Hackers who have been in the business for a long time recommend that you pick up an open source project that interests you and play around it with it. They also recommend that you get to know the minds behind open source applications (this can be easily achieved by signing up for mailing lists) and exchange your thoughts and ideas with them. Bouncing off ideas with fellow coders will not just show you what you are doing right but can also point out the mistakes you are making while coding.


Well, all coders seem to point to GitHub when you ask them for a great place to pick up open source projects. So, we have scanned their lists and are sharing with you five, interesting projects that you can contribute to right away:

Do Good!

Who said that coding can’t result in making the world a better place? The FreeCodeCamp repository is serving up lessons in coding so that you apply your skills to help nonprofits with their coding needs. The better your learn, the more you can help. It’s all about paying it forward, you see. Take a look here.

Flex Up

A CSS invention, flexbox, is changing the way layouts are implemented. And while it works across browsers, this project is trying to implement it in the Android space. Take a look.

Get Animated

Love experimenting with Swift, then you’ve got to sign up for this open source opportunity. Larry Natalicio, an iOS developer, promises to teach you animation using Swift in 15 days.  Click here for more.

Go Through The Backdoor

PHP developers this one is just for you! A whole treasure trove of PHP backdoors that can be used to test out or to study how they work. All the details are here.

A Slice of Pop Culture

Coding and fun go together. This project surely proves it. The No More Secrets tool lets you recreate a ‘decrypting effect’ from the 1991 movie, Sneakers. It may inspire to recreate your favorite movie effect as well. Take a look here.

For more open source projects, log on here.

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