How to choose the right tech career?

Students first become engineers, then they go on to decide what they will do in their careers.This reverse order of choosing careers have become so predominant that deciding which career will be fruitful in the long run has become a huge task for graduates. The question “How to choose the right career” has been haunting students for ages now!

The problem is not just choosing the right career. It starts way before you start thinking of making a choice. Like tradition has it, there are myths surrounding this topic as well! Some frequent questions that almost every graduate faces include-

  • What if you choose a career and then get stuck because you won’t like it?

A question of this nature can immediately make you sink back in your seat. However, there are many people working for more than 10 years in a particular profile who have opted for a change. It is more about being an all-rounder than being the perfect fit.

  • Why don’t you go and see a career counselor?

Relying on a counselor to tell you which career is best for you like waiting for a ship at an airport. You can get guidance on how to choose a career, but which one to opt for will always be your last call.

  • Are you sure you can make a living by making your hobby your profession?

It is always a good option to pick up something you find interest in. It is your most honed skill, and you find renewed vigour in digging deep in the subject and learning more.

  • Is this one among the ‘best career’ list that came out recently?

The list of ‘hot jobs’ that ‘experts’ predict are not the only ones available in the market. Assessment should include your values, skills and interest along with what are the hot jobs.

Fresh minds aim at having a perfect career. The term ‘perfect career’ is deceiving to a great extend. There is no living entity who can ‘find out’ the ‘perfect career’ for you. You don’t know where your skills will take you unless you start taking initiatives in experimenting with it. Once your ‘plus’ side out weights your ‘minus’ side, you will start feeling balanced, stable and in a ‘great’ career.

How to decide which career to opt for and what should you do about that?

“Armed with her degree, she could now walk into a job of her choice and be on her way to success!

Boy, how wrong she was!” ~ Alice in Corporate Land by Tulika Tripathi

When we spoke to few final year engineer students about their future plans, impromptu came their reply “I’d want to work in an IT company”.

This is a common phenomenon- students who are about to complete their engineering look at the IT industry like some wonderland they’d want to remain in forever. This industry is rewarding, no doubt, but only if you have the skills to stand out in the crowd. Every year employers shuffle through hundreds and thousands of resumes looking for skills and experience that are unique to you.

Getting a job is just one part of the game. Retaining the job is the biggest part. For that, you need to be confident about the field you choose. This means that when you are satisfied with your job and continue with it, you come to a full circle.

Once you have decided which field is perfect for you, the next step is to start training yourself. Enter Venturesity with its industry specific courses and real time learning experiences. Whether you want to go for an android career or a  career in big data analytics, Venturesity has it all for you at one place. The interactive real time learning will help you hone your existing skills as well as pick up those that you were lacking at. Professionals who are subject-matter experts passionately share their knowledge and help in creating a talent pool for the technology ecosystem. Venturesity’s parallel arm VentureHire looks into helping talent in getting connected to awesome startups who are hiring. Our students who are from various locations across the globe have successfully completed the course. Their professional achievements thereafter make us beam with pride. Our one such student is Durga whose android gaming app is now live on Google Play Store.

If the entire thought of how to choose the right career made you feel clueless, its about to change now. Log in with Venturesity and give your career a boost.

Editor’s Note: We encourage newbies as well as experienced people to opt for educational training programs online, since it is never too late to start learning. Register with us to have a learning experience that will help you make the ‘right career’.

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