How to Create an Eye Catching Resume

In our opinion, the importance of a resume is overrated since how can one adequately assess the skill set of candidates for a particular job position from his or her resume? But however, the old adage “First impressions make lasting impressions” has a great deal of truth to it. Resumes do provide the recruiter a window into your character, as well acting as a screen to filter out unsuitable candidates. A shoddily written resume demonstrates to your potential employer (perhaps unfairly!) that you do not pay much attention to detail. Also, due to the competition in the job market, a well-written resume certainly catches the eye. It is a fact that potential recruiters spend an average of 5-7 seconds reviewing resumes and so, the importance of writing a compelling resume cannot be understated.

Here are some of our do’s and don’ts when writing a resume:


  • Do provide basic details such as contact information and location. In spite of the ubiquitousness of resume writing advice online, candidates are not doing the basics. Use all contact numbers that you can be reached on, and if you are looking to relocate, make sure that is clearly stated.

  • Do write a personal statement. Your statement should provide the recruiter with a good professional overview. It should also be simple, provide basic facts about your career, and give the audience a reason to read on. Here is an example:

As a recent graduate from Harvard University, with an honors degree in astrophysics, I have undertaken internships with several leading research institutions such as NASA and the American Astronomy Society. These placements have enabled me to develop not only specific research skills but also a valuable and transferable skill set.

  • Do provide a list of references. Make sure that you spell out the name of an employer or school. Do also provide an area code from a phone number for a reference or an employer

  • Do keep your resume well organized. Pertinent information should stand out and easy to find. Use standard fonts like Times New Roman and Arial, and use bold, italics and underline sparingly.

  • Do use active verbs to describe your skills and experience. List items from most important to least. Be concise and provide only relevant information. Remember; be honest!


  • Do not use an unprofessional sounding email address. Avoid addresses like Opt for addresses that incorporate your name e.g.

  • Do not fail to proofread. One grammatical error or spelling mistake is enough for recruiters to chuck your application into the trash. Use spell check, and have a friend review the document for you.

  • Do not provide a photo of yourself on your resume. It is estimated that there is an 88% rejection rate if a photo is included on your CV. However, it is a fact that prospective employers are going to Google you, and it might be worth the risk, depending on your situation, to control their first visual impression.  The photograph that you provide should be professional looking, and should not be those of you at parties, or at the beach etc. Appear as you would in a professional setting.

  • Do not provide irrelevant details that are not directly related to the job at hand. Recruiters are not interested in reading about your life story. Whittle down your resume to a page or two.

  • Do not sell yourself short. Remember that your resume is an advertisement for you!


The key to writing an eye-catching resume is to keep it concise, clear and pleasing to the eye. Relevant information in the form of facts and figures should be at the audience’s fingertips. Remember, your resume is the first impression that employers have of you!

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