In conversation with Aparna Bhat one of our Ms. Hackers

Born in a Kannadiga family in Gujarat, Aparna Bhat is quite impressed with the cosmopolitan culture and weather of Bangalore. She has lived in the city for the past 7 years, and has been an active participant of many tech events..Following  the motto “Keep your morale high, in spite of setbacks” and admiring Dhiru Bhai Ambani as her role model, Aparna always feels motivated and focused in her life. She is always keen to learn new things and open for every challenge on her way. She says, “I started coding in my 2nd Sem, before that I was scared of coding” and this has changed her life. We stole few minutes from her busy schedule to know what she feels about the coding world. Here’s what she said:


1. When did you first hear about us?

I heard about Venturesity for the first time when I was googling about the upcoming hackathons in Bangalore in 2015. I came across Ola Dev Hack (which happened to be my first hackathon) on the Venturesity portal. This is where my saga with Venturesity started.

2.  How do you feel about what we do, and what gives you that flame to participate in such events?

“Self-confidence is the first secret of success” and this is what Venturesity has induced in me. Coming back to the flame, just one thought in my mind “yes I can code, and I will code” helps me coding and delivering my best even if it takes long hours of rigorous brainstorming and coding.

3. You have attended a number of hacker challenges with us. Can you tell us what it was like?

Yes, I have attended quite a good number of hackathons and online challenges organized by Venturesity (Happens to win Ms. Hackers HTML online challenge :-)). I must admit that Venturesity is maintaining the very high industry standards and organizes the events so well right from the registration to keep the participants updated about the events, schedule, as well as, shooting the emails informing the upcoming hackathons and winners of the hackathons or any online challenge. The team of Venturesity manages the things very smoothly and efficiently.

4. How have we helped you move towards your goals?  

Venturesity has helped me a lot in terms of inducing self-confidence (in terms of coding) which is a key and essential component to progress professionally.

5. Do you have any suggestions for us to help better serve you and the community?

To improve the site and provide an option for online review.

She strongly recommends that girls should accept these challenges and attend such hackathons. She also says that Venturesity is “A perfect place to challenge yourself beyond what you think you can do.”

We are grateful to her for giving her precious time and replying.

All the best for your glorious future, Aparna!

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