New Career Opportunities with Big Data

Dean Bedard links Big Data to gold mining when he says “it’s not enough to know where the precious stuff is. In order to reap the riches, first they have to get it out of the ground and turn it into something they can use.” The need for skilled professionals who have number crunching abilities to meet the growing competitiveness of business climate is on demand.  Big Data is no more limited to analytics and data engineering only. Many cool jobs made their advent in the field of Big Data to help enterprise strategise their next move. Be it marketing or dealing with cyber crimes, professionals cannot ignore the rising career opportunities in big data.

Big Data and Information Security

Cyber-crime is now a bigger risk than ever before due to the sheer number of connected people and devices.For consumers, experiencing a data breach can be frightening. For organizations, it’s a nightmare. According to David Kennedy, a hacking expert charged with identifying security risks in the previously-compromised website, it took only 4 minutes to access a minimum of 70,000 personal records of Obamacare enrolls – a feat he accomplished directly from his browser.

Organizations will need to have the right level of context to build specific information about digital assets, users and systems.  Big Data architectures can and should be scalable enough to meet each organization’s unique requirements. Organizations will then be able to spot and correlate abnormal behaviour in people, transactions and the flow and use of data to identify potential attacks and fraud.  With big data’s superior processing power, analytics software could monitor network traffic to identify changes. IT departments can create data analytics programs using Hadoop to monitor network defenses in real time. IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data provides exceptional threat and risk detection, combining deep security expertise with analytical insights on a massive scale. The IBM solution is designed to answer questions you could never ask before, by widening the scope and scale of investigation. You can now analyze a greater variety of data – such as DNS transactions, emails, documents, social media data, full packet capture data and business process data – over years of activity. By analyzing structured, enriched security data alongside unstructured data from across the enterprise, the IBM solution helps find malicious activity hidden deep in the masses of an organization’s data.

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Companies are looking for cyber-crime experts who can develop and implement new tools to monitor these unstructured data. The analysis of this data will be instrumental in tracking down criminal groups involved in billion dollar operations.While big data is contributing in fighting cyber crimes, it is equally active in marketing methodologies. A marketer will fail in the coming years if he or she is not well versed with big data analytics. This is an era when analytics plays an important role in marketing strategies.

Big Data is the future of Marketing

Digital Marketing as a term has been around for too long but suffers from the lack of a clear and lucid definition. It is the technique of promoting products and services using data-driven online distribution channels to reach consumers in a relevant, personal and cost-effective manner.The best way to capitalize on the strong correlation involves focusing the digital advertising campaign on the customer segments with the highest conversion rates. Profiling online users in an effort to evolve digital marketing is only one step companies can take towards unlocking big data’s potential. Nevertheless, the application of online profiling is limitless.

Big data analytics  allows marketing and sales team to identify, measure, and manage what is positively impacting their brand. Social media activity harvested from the entire open social web with technologies like Hadoop, Cassandra, Mahout and Pig combined with advanced analytic techniques like natural language processing, semantic analysis, machine learning, and cluster analysis can reveal the true consequences of marketing actions online.  This fundamental shift in marketing can happen only with the use of big data to foster engagement at scale.

Big Data allows companies to understand customer behaviour and their propensity to engage or buy certain types of products. It allows companies to engage consumers to a level that was never possible before, and to start building strong brand loyalty.Social Media presence for businesses and brands has become the order of the day.  Companies like Airwoot and ThoughtBuzz are actually utilizing big data to monitor marketing techniques.

Companies spend a lot of time and money segregating useful and irrelevant messages on social media. Airwoot spotted this trend early and has hence come up with a comprehensive solution. With the help of this social media tool, companies will now be able to segregate actionable and non-actionable messages on social media.With its advanced filtering tools, the app can easily segregate social chatter from relevant support queries, thereby automatically identifying important issues, in a priority inbox. The app helps brands to collect relevant demographics about their customers such as their location, email, phone etc within the unified customer directory, well integrated with the company’s CRM database.The platform also provides an email collaboration tool along with an In-app chat feature, to escalate social media queries to external teams in different locations, and start a conversation right from the customer’s issue.

According to Inside Big Data , by 2015 Big Data will create 4.4 million technology jobs globally. Needless to say, there is a shortage of skilled talent in the industry to support this demand, which creates incredible career opportunities in big data for the highly skilled Big Data community. If you are still confused what to learn next, it is definitely big data and its related technologies. Register with us and get a grip on the potential of Big Data.

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