Not looking for a job change? Attend a hack and…you won’t believe what happens next!

You are not particularly looking for a job change. And you know that hackathons nowadays are fast becoming like career fairs in the sense that companies are using them as hiring tools. So why should you attend them? What’s in it for you? Here are a few reasons why:

1.    Hackathons are the best way to meet new techie people: This is a sort of gathering where techie geeks from different backgrounds come together to share their crazy but brilliant ideas. You never know where you can reach through such gatherings. You can share your work and impress other people with the set of skills you got. Trust me, techie people look forward to making connections (both professional and personal) with talented people and to work collaboratively on projects.

2.    Up-skilling: Taking part in hackathons is definitely going to help you skill up and can help you in learning new technologies. Some skills that you develop are problem-solving skills, people skills, working in teams. Hackathons allow you to meet new people on your turf and learn things by working practically. Hackathons are a place where you can understand the way the companies work towards innovative solutions. So, don’t just be a bookworm; learn things practically!  

3.   An add-on in your resume: Hackathons give you brand recognition and help you to connect with some very good tech professionals.  Companies like Amazon, OLA,, and Microsoft are some of the companies that arrange hackathons to get great techie minds together. Taking part and winning these hackathons is a great add-on which may highlight your resume amongst others.

4.  Get a very good opportunity: Opportunity knocks on your door only once, so whenever and wherever you have such opportunity just grab it. Hackathons can give you an opportunity that you should never refuse. You can even find your dream job!

So, if you are now thinking about going to a hackathon, I would say, just go ahead and give it a try! Sitting on a couch and bingeing is not going to help you improve your skills in any way.  Companies are focusing more on such activities to push forward innovative ideas and talent.  So be the part of these creative ideas and work to solve real life problems.

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