Rise of the self taught developers- because having a CS degree is so mainstream!

“Formal education will earn you a living, self-education will earn you a fortune.”, said Jim Rohn. The great names of all times affirm this statement well. But the fun fact is that close to 70% of our programming geniuses are actually self-taught and only ~35% programmers have a formal bachelor’s degree in Computer Science!



Every programmer levels up by teaching himself after the elementary education. So, this 70% might not come as a surprise as it would also include those with a formal computer education. But the fact that majority of the programmers do not have a background in Computer Sciences establishes that you do not need to be taught what you love. The opportunities to code all by yourself are uncountable and all the gyaan is available for free! So, why bear a load of bulky education loans and tuition fees. This is what the tech world calls a Rise of Citizen Developer.These are the folks who are non-traditionally educated and develop business applications for consumption by others using development and run-time environments sanctioned by corporate IT. Companies like Google no longer care about what degree you possess or where you went to college. What matters is your cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills. The citizen developers are the future of the tech industry.



If you see your reflection in the above description, then here are a few coffee shots to keep that spirit kicking:



Collaborate and be open to criticism: You cannot work in silos and expect your code to get better. You need a comparison, a review or a critic to understand the flaws in your code and keep a benchmark for your success. Studies have proven that pair programming and conjoint reviewing have much lesser bugs than doing it all alone. Where do you find such like-minded coders? At hackathons, learnups, meetups! With over 40,000+ developers in our pool, Venturesity is a gateway to your career in all aspects. Attend a hack, gang up and find a code buddy right now.



Be 200% sure that you love what you do:The passion for development comes before the fortune part. The reverse is not true. If the heart doesn’t stomp on every new project then probably it’s just a hobby, not your passion. Make a clear distinction between the two to plan your future.Either ways never give up.



Master the fundamentals which you missed:You need to bridge up the knowledge gap. Make it a point you have a thorough knowledge of what you are doing. Always remember, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Learn things from scratch, read books, sign up for online courses(Coursera, Codeacademy, etc.) and boot camps. Take a bottom-up approach as it helps in the long run. 



Keep building stuff:There is no stop to learning and the best way to learn is by doing. Build stuff up! Build web applications, mobile applications, games whatever you want to. Your only credibility as a self-taught programmer is to show what you’ve built. That is your entry pass to a good job. So start building if you haven’t already. Here’s a little something for you to get you started.



Get a side job:We all need to pay our bills, don’t we? For a self-taught developer, preferably the one which can hone his programming skills is the best option. Take up a tech job at a startup and get up and running. Startups are more likely to take a risk with a person with little or no experience.



So you know what to do, don’t you? Take all of this, a pinch of motivation, 2 tablespoons of passion and a drop of coolness. Add this to a mugful of codes, stir well and gulp it down. Head to the highway my friend for your fellow mates are getting ahead of you!

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