Solving Interview Questions More Easily – The Hows and Whys to cracking MNC interviews

In today’s competitive world, cracking the good old MNC job interviews could get really difficult. Everybody has the same set of qualifications and skill sets. What distinguishes an individual is a way he/she steers the things in their direction. The process begins from the moment you set your first foot in. They are like those first tinder dates; good impressions count, there is a bit of awkwardness and the outcomes are really unpredictable. So what are those bare basics you should always be geared up with when the questions rain?
  • Verbiage and body language: No lanky postures, upright and confident is what is makes you an ideal candidate. Avoid throwing jargons and all that crappy English like ‘yeah’, ‘gonna’, ‘wanna’, ‘ain’t’ etc. They aren’t hiring a rapper, carry yourself well. None the less, never forget to dress decently for an interview. Shabby and casual clothing WILL BE JUDGED.


  • About yourself: They aren’t evaluating how well you’ve mugged your resume. What they want to know is the real you. Read about how you can prepare this answer well here.


  • The art of listening and acceptance: Patience is the key. Do not hustle, understand what the interviewer is asking and let him finish. The biggest problem with our generation is that we do not wait for the other person to finish! Pay attention and wait for your turn. Acceptance I say because when you do not know an answer you simply do not know it! Beating around the bush and giving puzzled expressions only make it worse.


  • Self-esteem: Respect yourself. When they ask questions like, ” Do you feel you are successful”, do not doubt yourself. Tell them all that you have achieved over the years. The difficulties you’ve faced and how you’ve overcome them. It’s not just about how many awards and recommendations you’ve won, but about how you’ve won in life.


  • KYC: I call it ‘Know Your Company’. It is simply not acceptable that you do not know about the company you’re interviewing for. Study the website and key facts well. Blind dates don’t work out in here.


  • Common interview questions: Get a tight grip on the golden interview questions. Some out of them WILL be encountered. No doubts about that. Find these 15 common interview questions and their correct answers in one of my blogs.


  • Don’t be a bore: Being professional is okay but being only professional is not.  Research shows that companies are willing to invest in well-rounded personalities – people with real interests and passions rather than people with a 9-5 mentality. Talk about your hobbies, interests when you get a chance to. Talk about your creativity, problem-solving skills and latest developments in the field you are interviewing for. Tell them why this company is better and to what effect will it change your life. Something hatke is never a miss.


  • Answer,ask and chase: Answering is one part of the twofold curriculum of an interview. Contrary to the traditional belief, asking questions is actually important. Ask about the company, your role, the technology and show how excited you are about the job as if you’re already a part of it. Do not beg, but chase. I say so because showing your desperateness turns people off. But at the end of the day if you send a thank you note and few lines of the interview takeaways, it sure impresses the interviewer.


A little effort, some luck, and your personality are what make perfect job interviews. Abide by the do’s and don’t and give it your own touch. In this rat race of 1.5 million engineers passing out every year, getting the job is not as simple as it used to be. Oh also, AUTOMATION! (#enoughsaid)

MNCs, ask a range of tricky questions in their interview processes. Brain teasers, riddles, and aptitude testing questions come to light here and your problem-solving techniques come into play here. To learn more about the art of problem-solving, attend our LearnUp on the 4th of Feb at 2 pm at Green bubbles, HSR Layout. Register for free:

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