Top hiring challenges in 2017 and how to conquer them

They say hiring is an art. Resumes can’t tell you whether somebody will fit in your company culture and drive growth. The cost of hiring someone ‘okayish’ is much more than missing out on a good candidate. Times have changed, the traditional methods of hiring no longer work. Your employees make your company. You need to contain and acquire the best ones.
The hiring landscape changes every year, so does the need of changing your hiring strategy. But problems are like monkeys, they WILL cling along. So here’s a list of problems and their solutions which you need to implement the year 2017:
Getting Analytics into action: BigData and Analytics have transformed almost all business functions. Human resources are getting revolutionized by the virtue of HR Analytics. The year 2017 will require HR professionals to develop their own quantitative skills and to adopt a data-driven approach to HR Management.
Looking into the right places: Hiring the right candidates starts by looking into the right places. You will need to expand your search sources and identify the most fruitful ones. A single job portal post does not work. Who knows your next potential employee might be glancing through your facebook page and you lost him due to insufficient engagement!
Employing social media and other public platforms: Newspaper ads, pamphlets are obsolete now. It’s the era of social media and smart devices. Employing them to their full potential is the key to the problem. Run ads, target the correct audience, do social profiling….. go befikre on these! Engagements are happening even over messenger and Whatsapp chats these days. Choose your own way on this one.
Optimizing the time and money spent: The problem gets solved as soon as you fix your ‘screening’ methods! It allows you to do the initial examination of the candidate and pool out a huge bunch of the ones you do not require. Written and online aptitude tests were okay, but solving a math problem or two doesn’t make you the right fit for a crucial position. What needs to be tested is the cognitive aptitude of the candidates. Their thought processes and ideation skills. How they read and react in a real world situation. 2017 will see more of online challenges, hackathons, video interviews. Gear up to lead the race.
Transparency and swiftness: The interviewing experience at your company can make or break its image among the talent community. A detailed agenda, clear flow of events, transparency regarding the job profile and salary and quick turnaround of results is what is expected out of each company and most of them fail to deliver. It’s KARMA, what you give is what you get.
Correct Pay for correct work: If you pay peanuts, you will land up with a monkey. Give employee and the job position the respect and facilities it deserves. Maintain the industry standards, add a bit of incentive and you have your perfect payslip recipe! Make an offer they can’t refuse. You need to do the math correctly here though #ifyouknowwhatimean
GenX is not everything, experience often beats talent: A lot of companies end up hiring the *90’s folks only* gang and last year it has proven to be a mess. Yes, we are full of energy and enthusiasm and ideas but a ship needs an experienced captain to steer. A correct mix of experienced and freshers is required to keep the momentum going.
Being the preacher and the practitioner: In this world of rapid change, HR is no longer only about responding to the current needs. It also has a need to analyze and identify future trends using data-driven methodologies. Providing insights and recommendations well in advance in response to an ongoing trend’s future impact is what’s expected. Do not stop where you are comfortable, if it’s comfortable it is dangerous!

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