Why should you opt for a career in Android Development

Android and Apple have been rivals since day one. There is always a struggle going on as to who takes the lead. iOS 7.1 released in March 2014 has been widely regarded as not meeting user expectations when complains like “killing the phone battery” and such surfaced. Thus, the mobile platform equation still remains same – Android once more emerged to become the undeterred king of mobile world. Technology industry can be really brutal. only the fittest survives; and Android has been saving its users from all those glitches that others are falling prey to.


To sum up, what makes Android keep ruling-

  • Android OS is not only available to a large number of people, it’s UI is the most comfortable one. While Apple’s high price range keeps it restricted to exclusive users, Android has manufacturers more than one- HTC, Samsung, Sony, etc.
  • Android users have the choice of picking out their device based on screen size, storage capability, and other such features at a considerable price range. Apple, on the other hand is still stuck to one size and spec.
  • If it was only about Google and Apple battling, then android wouldn’t have been on top. Android’s innovation lies in the fact that every android user is directly in conflict with every other OS user.
  • Android is an open source platform, which can be termed as the greatest strength for this OS. This reason has been the catalyst in android taking up the largest shares of smartphones in the market.
  • Android developer community is growing at a steady pace and houses some of the best developers as well.

Nokia + Google= Android grows bigger


Its a given fact that Nokia is committed to make Windows phones. Then what propelled Nokia to move ahead with Google? As baffling it may sound, Nokia has already launched its android phones in February 2014. Here are some of the reasons Trusted Reviews published recently. Looks like Android is surely attracting manufacturers across the globe. Surely, there’s no way Android is stopping from growing bigger with each passing day.

Why learn android?


  • If numbers are to be believed, IDC reports Android to have 91% of the market share in India itself (As reported by TOI).
  • GeekWire also quotes ” Android saw year-over-year growth across 12 major global markets and accounted for 50.6 percent of smartphone sales in the U.S. from October to December of last year, finishing ahead of iOS (43.9 percent) and Windows Phone (4.3 percent). iOS saw a 5.8 percent decline from 2012, while Windows grew 1.9 percent” at the end of January 2014.
  • Forbes reported predictions of Gartner and IDC that Android mobile shipments will keep increasing through 2016. The below graph shows Gartner’s analysis of all the devices having android OS in 2012.

2013 Roundup of Smartphone and Tablet Forecasts   Market Estimates   Forbes

Now lets take a look at WHY you should learn android

  • Android market is on a rise. Believe it or not, but android developers are the most in demand. With active android users increasing by leaps and bounds, one may argue that demand for apps is definitely on a rise. Whether a game app, or a file sharing app, or mailing app, the world has become app-centric; they need app for everything.
  • The next vital point is Salary package. A lucrative career is what one searches for, and android knowledge might just afford you one. In India, the salary standards is estimated to be INR 3-5 lakhs/annum.

You can also go through Free android learning resources like:

  • Codecademy
  • Vogella
  • My Life with Android
  • Treehouse
  • Technotalkative
  • Lynda

Possible android careers

Android developers are definitely playing the strongest cards, but there are opportunities for skillsets other than developers.
Quality Testers: Curating an app idea and giving it a shape is definitely mark of a genius. However, these apps needs to be tested for any bug issues. Only after it’s quality is judged, it makes it to the PlayStore. This last part of testing and assuring is done by Quality Testers. Although they do not write lines of codes, but they definitely require a detailed knowledge about the OS platform to perform these tasks.

Android has opened up floodgates of opportunities for employment creation. It’s time you take notice and start improving your android skills. If you are wondering where and how to start, then we have an optimum solution for you. You can avail our Android development course and master this skillset in a short time span.
Our ex-student, Durga from US took our course and recently launched her game app Box with Sambha in PlayStore. Needless to say, her game app is becoming popular day by day, and that makes us beam with pride. Read more about the app here.

Current job openings

If you are already confident about your android development skills and want to experiment with it, then here are few job openings for you:
All the below mentioned job openings require 3+ experience-

  • Android Developer at Paytm
  • Software Developer (Android) at Zapty

If you want to apply for any of these jobs, send us your updated resume at parikshit@venturehire.co or log in to VentureHire

You can also search for jobs at

  • Naukri
  • Linkedin Jobs
  • Hasjob
  • Jobisjob
  • Angellist

Hackers, are you ready to test your skills?


Venturesity is gearing up to host Android Hackathon propelled towards making a change in the way democracy in India works. If you feel you can make a difference, then help us “Get out the vote! Get out the voice”. Your participation will take us one step closer to making a change happen right here, right now. For details regarding the event, problem statement and registration, visit venturesity.com/android-hackathon
Date: 29th & 30th March.

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