Why should you take part in online challenges?

You’ve either signed up, or thinking of signing up for one of our online challenges. But you are not yet convinced of the outcome. After all, it’s not quite like a hackathon is it? Where, you know, you can have fun and stuff? And the reasons for attending one are kinda obvious?

Here is why you should take part in an online challenge:

  • Showcase yourself. Just like in a hackathon, solving our online challenges helps to showcase yourself. Our challenges are similar to those that you will face at the workplace. So solving them adds to your portfolio. The challenges also take the place of a technical interview!
  • Time. Sometimes you just don’t have the time to work on a statement for 24 hours. In an online challenge, you can work on it at your leisure. You can, I don’t know, go get a coffee, work on it for a while, do something else, get back to it and so on
  • Convenient. You don’t have to go somewhere to take the challenge. You can do it right where you are
  • Exposure to more companies. Our online challenges cater to many different companies. You have a choice! Take a risk and get on board an early stage startup train, or show a well established company what you’ve got!

Right, so now you must be wondering what exactly happens after you solve an online challenge. What happens to your submission?

Well, we know that your hard work and time should pay off. So, the company that has sponsored the challenge will evaluate your submission. The folks with the best submissions will be called for further interviews.

I could write more on why you should take part in online challenges etc. but doing is believing. So, get off this post, head on to our webpage and “do” a challenge! Kapish? 😉

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