Why you should bring your friend to a hackathon

With the hackathon season on ahead, a number of you are there who are brooding or thinking of attending one or not. But, it is usually on the weekend, and you probably want to enjoy it with your friends over some drinks. But we think you should attend one. And bring a friend too! Here’s why:

  • Will help in developing a new set of skills that you and your friend don’t know: Undoubtedly, you and your bosom buddy would be surrounded by designers in a joyous environment. Hackathons are coding events for engineering talents similar to any other social event where you both will learn about various new tools and different resources that others are using to make codes or applications.
  • Learn from each other: Technology is a big ocean and a number of people go to these hackathons which are a techie gathering. In this ocean, everyone has expertise in different fields. Example: Perhaps you have expertise in Android, and your friend is an iOS developer. Share your skills and work together to build awesome stuff.
  • You and your pal can win a prize or may be the part of a prize winning team 5-30% of the time: There are hackathons which are company sponsored to advertise or showcase their products to the program developers. In some of the cases, hackathons have sponsored prizes. The winner of these prizes is not a single person but, rather, a team or multiple winners. It would be awesome if both you and your friend are part of the winning team.
  • You and your chum can meet motivated and more interesting people:  Who will go to a hackathon if not for a motivated person who is willing to spend his/her weekend in developing something amazing? Hackathons are a place to meet motivated people who are willing to learn new skills and are even crazier than you.
  • You can bounce each other’s idea anytime: Hackathons give you and your mate an opportunity to try your wildest and weirdest ideas without being accountable to anyone for the development process.  This is an activity which lasts for about 24-48 hours where you both can show your creativity and get new ideas or approaches which can work for the task.
  • You both can get hired: Many hackathons are for hiring purposes. You and your ally can end up getting hired by the same company, and have the opportunity to work together and create masterpieces together. You definitely would love to work together in a great environment and grow professionally.


So, if you have codes in your blood and want to attend the upcoming hackathons make sure that you bring your friends to such event. Learn/play/make friends/code at the next hack!

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