Why You Should Have Your GitHub Profile

The old way of getting a job: prepare a CV with all your projects and send it off to the resume lottery. Doesn’t seem to quite work: either for the company or for the candidate.

There are better ways. We’ve talked about some of the ways before: take part in online challenges and hackathons. Sometimes, due to time constraints, it may not be feasible for the candidate to attend these hackathons/challenges. Sometimes, even to take part in these challenges, companies set up a screening process in which they go through the candidates’ profile.

But what’s the right screening process? We all know the problems with resumes. No one really wants to go through many badly designed and incorrectly formatted templates of Microsoft word filled with irrelevant details. So how does one give the company the real idea of what the candidate is about?

In the case of technology, it’s easy. Github! Github, as many of you know, is a social coding platform. Sort of like a public backup storage.

Companies are now using Github to screen good candidates. Engineers who have Github have a tremendous advantage over those who don’t have one. Companies tend to think that candidates who take time and develop their GitHub or social coding profile can be evaluated easily in comparison to others those who don’t.

Your Github profile showcases your coding style and passion for coding. Moreover, hiring managers can easily evaluate the way you interact with others and your level of contribution made on these codes.  So, if you really want to work with the big whales of the IT industry, then you should be ready with your GitHub profile!

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