Developer Weekly – Edition 1

Developer Weekly is a collection of hand picked articles from the Coding and Programming world to help you learn and stay updated. They are curated by Team Skillenza and published every Wednesday.

This week in focus –

Quora Chronicles

How do I get a package of INR 30 Lacs per annum in Software Engineering

38 people tell you the best way in which you can get a package above INR 30 Lacs if you are a software engineer. Over 700,000 views on Quora with over 4000 upvotes.

Interview Corner

What are the best resources to prepare my self for Amazon Interview

40 people who have cracked Amazon share with you, what is the best way of preparing for Amazon Interview in 4 to 5 weeks. Over 81,000 views on Quora with over 500 upvotes.

For Hackathon lovers

What is your crazy Hackathon story?

Every hackathon has its own special story for the people who attended it! What is your crazy Hackathon story? 7 Hackathon attendees share their best moments with you in this Quora post. Over 27,000 views with over 500 upvotes.

Best in Programming – Android Corner

Knowledge boost for Junior Android developers

List of information about Android development you wish you had when you started. Pro tip – Go through the knowledge boost and avoid learning stuff the hard way. Written by Frank (Android dev and hiker) with over 160 recommendations on Medium.

Best in Programming – General

Analyzing GitHub, how developers change programming languages over time

Yes, developers do change the languages they like to code in !! Don’t believe us? Read this article by Waren Long where he used the data retrieval pipeline at Source{d} to analyze over 4.5 Million GitHub users, across 393 different languages and over 10 TB of source code in total

Best in Programming – Frontend

Reducing CSS bundle size by 70% by cutting class names and using scope isolation

Gajus Kuizinas a Software architect who is passionate about JavaScript and Hack shares how he reduced the size of CSS by 70% employing a simple hack which Google uses. The article has 630 recommendations on Medium.

Best in Programming – iOS

One Weird Trick to Lose Size

Ben Sandofsky built “Halide camera” an 11 MB social networking iOS app. He explains in this medium post the one wierd trick his team put into place to ship a product of this size. Over 475 recommendations on Medium.

We hope you liked our collection. Stay tuned for the “Edition 2” on 2 August.


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