Brand Evangelism with Amazon Web Service – A Case Study


AWS is a market leader in cloud-based backup solutions


The Challenge

AWS faced expansion issues. Their team could not grow until the general public was educated about the platform and its capabilities. There was a clear gap between the expectations and platform knowledge. This had to be met at the earliest in order to fuel AWS’s growing talent requirements and meet business goals. Education had to include hands-on use of the AWS platform as well as challenge solving to test the level of understanding.



The Skillenza Factor

Skillenza was tasked with targeting the right audience to introduce, test and explore the AWS platform with. Our outreach strategy had to span the entire country and using a series of learning sessions, education of the AWS platform had to begin.




Fully embracing the AWS potential

Participation was high as participants were keen on learning more about AWS. Each participant understood the value and importance the knowledge of the platform brought to their skillset. Over 600 participants took part in the 4 cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai.

AWS was very pleased with the enthusiastic attendees who spent their weekends educating themselves about the potential of the AWS platform while actively challenging their learnings by solving problems. It helped AWS identify the right talent and helped them meet their goals.




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