Digital Disruption with Flock – A Case Study

‘Flock has increased productivity for over 1 million global users via its team communication app’


The Challenge

Being a first-to-market player integrating a mail client within a messenger app, Flock’s funded ventures into the productivity space has been supported by multiple funded rounds. Flock’s business suite of apps is being used by over 1 million users. In order to expand their market share in India, they wanted a large slice of Indian users to drift away from traditional messenger apps and embrace a collaborative tool.

The Skillenza Factor

Flock selected Skillenza as their challenge creation partner relying on the track record of branding outreach in various Indian markets. Flock wanted an implementation to grow their audience base in Mumbai. Skillenza decided the optimum way forward was through an open platform hackathon welcoming innovations on their platform. The submission had to boost team collaboration and productivity.


Raising Flock’s Ceiling

A 4-5 week campaign in one of India’s most fickle markets, Skillenza was successful in landing 82 participants in front of Flock’s team ready to collaborate and innovate on the platform. Peaking at a maximum reach of 23K, Flockathon saw 3 winning submissions that ranged from SMS and live call integration to recording and reporting of group expenses. The winning teams took home a cash prize bounty of over INR 1.5 lakhs.




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