Hack-A-Mojo Draws Developers Raring to Go!

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Hackathons are all the rage these days.

With the ridiculous levels of excitement and rewards compounded by the high-pressure stakes and the need to prove your programming skills the entire time, what’s not to dread? I mean… love?

Instamojo is India’s largest on-demand payments & e-commerce platform. Boasting flexible working hours, snacks and tons of geek humor, and Xbox sessions, combined with office fun and amazing Fridays – there is no reason why anyone would not want to work there.


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On October 28th, 2017 Instamojo launched a hackathon aptly titled, Hack-a-mojo, to find, screen and hire back-end and front-end developers worthy of joining their gaming sessions with experience designing and implementing high-performance web applications. The problem statement revolved around designing a way to automate the extraction of data from a PAN card for authentication purposes.

Of the total registrations, only 40 qualified candidates made it onto teams on the day of the event.

Instamojo 3

The second runner-up consisted of a team of two individuals that built a back-end program to tackle the problem statement and facilitate the extraction process. They used computer vision libraries and Python to build their solution. One of the team members, Rakesh Gopal, even commented on “how well-designed and well-planned the entire event was” from start to end.

Not to be outdone, three individuals attacked the problem statement using the user perspective. Starting with the UX in mind, they applied a Python Django framework and submitted their proposed solution. They ended up being the first runner’s up. Sheesh Mohsin, a group member, commented on how they “had to work hard” to get as far as they did.

Ketan Mehta, a member of the winning team, could not say enough great things about the hackathon, the attention to detail given in its organization, or the people involved. The winning team approached the hackathon with a background in OCR and this proved monumental in their placing.

Instamojo 2

After arduous hours of work, sleeplessness, and panic the 24-hour long hackathon resulted in 3 teams taking home prizes and a total of 10 lucky candidates being shortlisted for hiring by Instamojo.

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