As Tech-Literate As Grandma? Udemy Thinks It’s Time For A … SALE!


“Once you stop learning, you start dying,” said Albert Einstein. Nothing could be more true at this moment in time. As we enter an era of technological and human advancement unlike any other – with new tech startups around every corner and newer technologies being created alongside the hottest new apps – it seems like the Bible had it wrong: it’s not the meek that will survive – but only the geeks. So what is one to do, when understanding what a Bitcoin is and where new technologies like AI and VR will take us, are imperative to our existence?


I mean, do you really want to be your grandma, struggling to understand how a cell phone works and where the Power button is – except this time the cell phone happens to be a software or programming language that you know nothing about navigating? Well, unless you take a programming course – you are basically asking to repeat that exact course of history. Don’t let this be you.

Grandma can't text.jpg

It’s not all doom and gloom. There are many benefits to learning a programming language:

Just like artists use paint on a canvas to create something that will elicit an emotion or reaction and stand the test of time, programmers use code on their computers to build products or prototypes that are deemed useful and ingenious by the masses (take Facebook, the iPhone or PayTM).

Code Working.gif

Alternatively, if building something elegant and useful for the world to benefit from does not appeal to you, pure adrenaline might. It is usually the case that when a company has to downsize, employees with the fewest skill sets – i.e. those that have stopped upskilling themselves a long time ago – are the first to get the boot. Do you really want to be the lowest on that food chain?


If you have more than the average set of skills and you happen to be looking for a job – you will stand out from the crowd if you know a programming language. Udemy’s courses, for example, only take between 5 to 33 hours a language to learn – so time is not a factor! How impressive would it be to apply for a job and list “coding in Python” as a skill, on top of everything else you have going for you! More importantly, how intrigued by your resume do you think the employer would be at having a candidate that could potentially work in operations or finance and create a program for them to streamline their processes?

Special Skills

Learning a desirable new skill that’s in demand in the market right now will make you a hot commodity. Not only will learning a programming language supplement your current resume, it will also alter the way you think – so that you are able to solve problems strategically and more efficiently (using less time and energy) ensuring no stone is left unturned.


If this is a reality you want to take advantage of and make your own, you sure can. For Rs. 640 and 33 hours, or less, invested in total – you too can proudly add any programming language you desire from the list onto your professional profile.


Udemy is running a Black Friday Sale with the following courses – so get them while the going is hot:

  1. Node.js ( [26hrs]
  2. Python ( [12.5hrs]
  3. AngularJS ( [7hrs]
  4. PHP ([33.5hrs]
  5. Ruby-on-Rails ( [28.5hrs].
  6. React ( [4.5hrs]
  7. Full Stack ( [25.5hrs]

Don’t go signing up for all of them at once, now. Pick the top 3 in demand in your field or industry and let your drive to be the best and outperform your competition do the rest!

I’m sorry, did I say “competition”? I meant, spare your grandchildren the need to pull out their hair in frustration because you refused to learn to React properly while you had the chance, and now you are destined to become their twit…


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