Important Details – Rajasthan Hackathon 3.0


So, who is excited for this 24-hour, multi-topic, innovation sprint for coders, developers, designers, inventors and all-around creators – with prizes worth Rs. 32 lacs, not to mention a great deal more!

If the answer is you, brilliant. Now, all you have to do is figure out the answers to some important questions concerning accommodation, venue, reimbursement and team sizes. Why don’t we make it easy for you and address them right this second!



The venue for the hackathon is: Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

All participants must report to this location after reaching Udaipur:

Hackathon (registration) will begin at: 8AM on 2nd Dec.

Hackathon (event) starts at: 10AM sharp on 2nd Dec.

Results of the hackathon will be announced at 2PM on 3rd Dec.

Note: You cannot attend this hackathon remotely.



1 to 4 participants will be allowed to form each team.

Every team member doesn’t need to fill up a separate form. They only have to register for the hackathon.

If you are looking to add a team member, please mention their name while you are filling up the form. In case you are not able to do so, please ask that team member to only fill in the team name on their individual form. This goes for the rest of the team.

Please note: You can confirm your team right before the hackathon starts, so please don’t worry about adding or editing members.



Basic accommodation (on sharing basis) will be provided to all participants on 1st and 2nd December, 2017.

You should reach Udaipur by 1st Dec, as the hackathon begins the next morning at 8 AM. Your stay for 1st and 2nd December is catered for on a sharing basis.

Please note: we will not be providing accommodation before or after the above-mentioned dates.



Participation in the hackathon is completely free – there are no fees!

Reimbursement for travel and accommodation is available for those traveling from other states for the hackathon.

All selected participants will get reimbursement for round-trip travel. You will get reimbursed at the hackathon venue itself. Please bring your tickets to the venue.

Even if you travel by road or flight, you will still get reimbursed the lower of: a) 2-tier AC train fare, or b) your actual road/flight cost.

Once selected, you will be sent a form to upload your travel plan details.

Note: If you don’t have your tickets/receipts immediately, please upload a doc in the travel reimbursement form saying that you will upload it later.

The maximum cap for reimbursements is a 2-tier AC train fare that is based off actual distance traveled.

Since your accommodation, travel and participation are all essentially taken care of – I guess there is nothing more to say, beyond we’ll see you soon!


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