Edureka Ensures You Finish Ahead of The Game


What do you get when you cross education with Eureka moments of insight? That’s right, not a History textbook. You get a platform singularly geared to keeping the process of learning inspiring, in India, and the world over.


Edureka is one of the world’s leading online live education portals for working professionals. They offer instructor-led courses supported by online resources, along with 24×7 on-demand support. What makes it different from all the others out there? Nothing… Just that it has the highest course completion rates of all time. Which means, every time you put your hard earned money down to sign up for a course, chances are this time you will actually complete it! Which is huge.


Their mission is simple: It is to make sure that no student who comes to Edureka leaves without learning.

Edureka is currently hiring a PHP developer.

The PHP Developer will need to:

  • Be able to understand requirements and design architecture with end-to-end development from web to DB
  • Design and develop various components using Service-Oriented Architecture

Web Dev

Role requirements include:

  • Experience in Web Development with OOPs or at least one scripting language, such as PHP (Cake/Laravel), Ruby on Rails, Python (Django) or Perl
  • A strong foundation of data structures, algorithms, database design and software architecture


The quickest way to establish yourself in this role is to:

Apply for challenge → Solve programming test → Technical interview → Land job.


5 years, 50,000+ hours of classes, 4,70,000+ learners,  and 3000% growth: Edureka.

Impressed yet?

If you are, and are looking to join their team, just jump on and take the challenge!

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