Nestaway’s App Makes The Rental Scene Next Level Easy To Maneuver

When was the last time you needed to move places and couldn’t find an adequately furnished rental that excited you, that was in the right location, and came with all the necessary amenities to suit your lifestyle.

Nestaway, founded by 4 NIT Surathkal alumni, seems to have locked on to that exact challenge and found a solution – one app to explore rental options, comfortably move in, and manage your new rental home from installing locks to moving out without any surprises.

The company converts unfurnished houses and apartments into full furnished and well maintained residences which they provide to quality tenants that they pre-screen. In doing so, they have built a thriving, young ecosystem that provides homeowners better rental incomes, delivers beautiful spaces as PG rentals to India’s youth, and eliminates hassles in the on-boarding and exiting process of rentals for both tenants and homeowners.

Other services include acting as a property manager, and using technology to lower costs and simplify all payments and transactions made, from billing to fees, using their app.

Nestaway recently raised $80 million altogether in funding from several investors including the likes of Ratan Tata, Tiger Global and IDG Ventures India to facilitate its rapid growth.

They are in search of 3 backend developers to join their team and assist in creating Nestaway’s API services and platform products in order to scale, to meet the growing demand of their users. You will be part of a world-class team of engineers from some of the most reputed colleges across India.

If you want to be a part of their growth and happen to be a backend developer, here is what they are looking for:


  • 1 – 6 years experience building scalable web systems using modern technologies


  • Strong knowledge of Ruby on Rails, Python or NodeJS as well as Algorithms & Data Structures
  • Be fluent in writing well documented code, debugging and managing code base

All you have to do is:

Register on the Skillenza platform → Take coding test → Get shortlisted for the Recruitment drive conducted on the 16th of December, 2017.

Why work for Nestaway? I can give you 80 million exclusive reasons why. Better yet, the fact that they will be changing the rental game entirely with their app and business model, might be enough to catch your interest.

So, if the thought of joining a daunting mission involving disruption excites you, make a move now!

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