Careem’s First Hiring Hackathon – A case study

‘Careem is a multi billion dollar taxi aggregator accounting for one third of the market share in EMEA & Europe’


The Challenge

Careem is one of the leading unicorns in the transportation market and is making giant strides in the taxi service industries in EMEA & Europe. Their success is based on the culmination of winning ideas and individuals with an appetite for excellence and success. The one winning element their team was missing was highly trained and qualified software engineers. For this purpose, they decided to tap into India’s talented workforce.


“When it comes to agility and collaboration Skillenza has proved to be consistently above expectation. All coordination was handled very professionally, quickly, and with great care to detail. They also possess a deep pool of talent within their network that allowed us to target the best candidates for HACAREEM.

We were able to hire 8 candidates for our Dubai office over a single weekend!

 The team at Skillenza are all spirited individuals that get the job done. Would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a hackathon partner. “

Emma Dourado
Project Coordinator – BPI


The Skillenza Factor

Skillenza was a good fit for Careem who required a challenge creation partner. Careem loved the idea of a challenge-based event to hire their next set of talented engineers. Here HaCareem was conceptualized and shared with software engineers with 4+ years of experience. The execution led to participants from Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mysore registering and participating.



Adding growth & value to the Careem team

HaCareem saw a total of 130 candidates in 63 teams of which 119  submitted and pitched their ideas to the senior team of Careem engineers. Over a process of 36 hours, Careem participants hacked and planned cool and innovative solutions to their problem statement and made presentations. A total of 11 job offers were handed out and 8 accepted.

Careem were delighted by the entire outreach program thanks to the invaluable branding and presence built in India and the innovative new method of adding team members. They would be looking to leverage Skillenza’s filtering algorithms to select and highlight top talent in Indian and other markets as they continue to expand their market share.




Digital Disruption with Flock – A Case Study

‘Flock has increased productivity for over 1 million global users via its team communication app’


The Challenge

Being a first-to-market player integrating a mail client within a messenger app, Flock’s funded ventures into the productivity space has been supported by multiple funded rounds. Flock’s business suite of apps is being used by over 1 million users. In order to expand their market share in India, they wanted a large slice of Indian users to drift away from traditional messenger apps and embrace a collaborative tool.

The Skillenza Factor

Flock selected Skillenza as their challenge creation partner relying on the track record of branding outreach in various Indian markets. Flock wanted an implementation to grow their audience base in Mumbai. Skillenza decided the optimum way forward was through an open platform hackathon welcoming innovations on their platform. The submission had to boost team collaboration and productivity.


Raising Flock’s Ceiling

A 4-5 week campaign in one of India’s most fickle markets, Skillenza was successful in landing 82 participants in front of Flock’s team ready to collaborate and innovate on the platform. Peaking at a maximum reach of 23K, Flockathon saw 3 winning submissions that ranged from SMS and live call integration to recording and reporting of group expenses. The winning teams took home a cash prize bounty of over INR 1.5 lakhs.



Brand Evangelism with Amazon Web Service – A Case Study


AWS is a market leader in cloud-based backup solutions


The Challenge

AWS faced expansion issues. Their team could not grow until the general public was educated about the platform and its capabilities. There was a clear gap between the expectations and platform knowledge. This had to be met at the earliest in order to fuel AWS’s growing talent requirements and meet business goals. Education had to include hands-on use of the AWS platform as well as challenge solving to test the level of understanding.



The Skillenza Factor

Skillenza was tasked with targeting the right audience to introduce, test and explore the AWS platform with. Our outreach strategy had to span the entire country and using a series of learning sessions, education of the AWS platform had to begin.




Fully embracing the AWS potential

Participation was high as participants were keen on learning more about AWS. Each participant understood the value and importance the knowledge of the platform brought to their skillset. Over 600 participants took part in the 4 cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai.

AWS was very pleased with the enthusiastic attendees who spent their weekends educating themselves about the potential of the AWS platform while actively challenging their learnings by solving problems. It helped AWS identify the right talent and helped them meet their goals.



Why should you opt for a career in Android Development

Android and Apple have been rivals since day one. There is always a struggle going on as to who takes the lead. iOS 7.1 released in March 2014 has been widely regarded as not meeting user expectations when complains like “killing the phone battery” and such surfaced. Thus, the mobile platform equation still remains same – Android once more emerged to become the undeterred king of mobile world. Technology industry can be really brutal. only the fittest survives; and Android has been saving its users from all those glitches that others are falling prey to.


To sum up, what makes Android keep ruling-

  • Android OS is not only available to a large number of people, it’s UI is the most comfortable one. While Apple’s high price range keeps it restricted to exclusive users, Android has manufacturers more than one- HTC, Samsung, Sony, etc.
  • Android users have the choice of picking out their device based on screen size, storage capability, and other such features at a considerable price range. Apple, on the other hand is still stuck to one size and spec.
  • If it was only about Google and Apple battling, then android wouldn’t have been on top. Android’s innovation lies in the fact that every android user is directly in conflict with every other OS user.
  • Android is an open source platform, which can be termed as the greatest strength for this OS. This reason has been the catalyst in android taking up the largest shares of smartphones in the market.
  • Android developer community is growing at a steady pace and houses some of the best developers as well.

Nokia + Google= Android grows bigger


Its a given fact that Nokia is committed to make Windows phones. Then what propelled Nokia to move ahead with Google? As baffling it may sound, Nokia has already launched its android phones in February 2014. Here are some of the reasons Trusted Reviews published recently. Looks like Android is surely attracting manufacturers across the globe. Surely, there’s no way Android is stopping from growing bigger with each passing day.

Why learn android?


  • If numbers are to be believed, IDC reports Android to have 91% of the market share in India itself (As reported by TOI).
  • GeekWire also quotes ” Android saw year-over-year growth across 12 major global markets and accounted for 50.6 percent of smartphone sales in the U.S. from October to December of last year, finishing ahead of iOS (43.9 percent) and Windows Phone (4.3 percent). iOS saw a 5.8 percent decline from 2012, while Windows grew 1.9 percent” at the end of January 2014.
  • Forbes reported predictions of Gartner and IDC that Android mobile shipments will keep increasing through 2016. The below graph shows Gartner’s analysis of all the devices having android OS in 2012.

2013 Roundup of Smartphone and Tablet Forecasts   Market Estimates   Forbes

Now lets take a look at WHY you should learn android

  • Android market is on a rise. Believe it or not, but android developers are the most in demand. With active android users increasing by leaps and bounds, one may argue that demand for apps is definitely on a rise. Whether a game app, or a file sharing app, or mailing app, the world has become app-centric; they need app for everything.
  • The next vital point is Salary package. A lucrative career is what one searches for, and android knowledge might just afford you one. In India, the salary standards is estimated to be INR 3-5 lakhs/annum.

You can also go through Free android learning resources like:

  • Codecademy
  • Vogella
  • My Life with Android
  • Treehouse
  • Technotalkative
  • Lynda

Possible android careers

Android developers are definitely playing the strongest cards, but there are opportunities for skillsets other than developers.
Quality Testers: Curating an app idea and giving it a shape is definitely mark of a genius. However, these apps needs to be tested for any bug issues. Only after it’s quality is judged, it makes it to the PlayStore. This last part of testing and assuring is done by Quality Testers. Although they do not write lines of codes, but they definitely require a detailed knowledge about the OS platform to perform these tasks.

Android has opened up floodgates of opportunities for employment creation. It’s time you take notice and start improving your android skills. If you are wondering where and how to start, then we have an optimum solution for you. You can avail our Android development course and master this skillset in a short time span.
Our ex-student, Durga from US took our course and recently launched her game app Box with Sambha in PlayStore. Needless to say, her game app is becoming popular day by day, and that makes us beam with pride. Read more about the app here.

Current job openings

If you are already confident about your android development skills and want to experiment with it, then here are few job openings for you:
All the below mentioned job openings require 3+ experience-

  • Android Developer at Paytm
  • Software Developer (Android) at Zapty

If you want to apply for any of these jobs, send us your updated resume at or log in to VentureHire

You can also search for jobs at

  • Naukri
  • Linkedin Jobs
  • Hasjob
  • Jobisjob
  • Angellist

Hackers, are you ready to test your skills?


Venturesity is gearing up to host Android Hackathon propelled towards making a change in the way democracy in India works. If you feel you can make a difference, then help us “Get out the vote! Get out the voice”. Your participation will take us one step closer to making a change happen right here, right now. For details regarding the event, problem statement and registration, visit
Date: 29th & 30th March.

Big Data Analytics: Emerging Technology in Education and Training

While providing online courses helps in reaching out to students in various locations, it also becomes challenging in analyzing their interpretation and conclusions about the course provided. However, with the advent of Big Data Analytics in education and training, it is now possible to put together their ‘digital breadcrumbs’ and collect data from social media portals, learning management systems, and other media that are instrumental in measuring how students analyse the given course material. Big Data technique helps in deriving useful conclusions about students, although it brings with itself many other risks that cannot be ignored.



Image Courtesy: Trend Lines Blog

Before we address what are the impending risks and dilemmas, first we will take a look at how big data is helping e-learning industry.

The three Vs of Big Data: Learning aspects of Big Data

  • Volume: Big Data can generate huge amount of data of thousands of students taking one course at one point of time. Similarly, Big data is competent in pulling in data of a single student from multiple data points.
  • Velocity: Big data has the capability of giving rapid access to data to organizations in real time. If a student enters a wrong answer in an exam, velocity immediately can prompt him or her with remedial options. These remedial options come from a thorough assessment of student’s pattern of learning as well as successful strategies that have been formulated and implemented by other students.
  • Variety: Big data joins a wide range of information of each student from different background. This makes it easy to establish a connection between the student’s performance and his cultural background.

Big data in E-Learning

Although delegates in the 2013 World Innovation Summit in Qatar for Education (WISE) professed that the present way of education is not adequate in preparing the young talent for tomorrow, one thing that they all were positive about was big data. Here are few ways in which big data can contribute to online education.

  • Feedback: If a learner is failing and is unable to figure out why, then it becomes difficult for the learner to complete the course successfully. However, big data can fill up this gap by showing not just his/her demographics but also other learners who have been through the same phase. This can help the learner in two ways- either he/she understands where the problem is or he/he uses the same to try and succeed again.
  • Efficiency: Time is priceless, and wasting time is something that happens in a fool’s paradise. Big data can save hours of effort in evaluating your next career move. If you are looking for a job in a particular field after having worked in some other sector, then big data can come handy. Big data will show you data of all such people who made a similar shift. Also, it will hand pick out courses that might be valuable for such a change.
  • Collaboration: People working in different departments at times need to get together to evaluate, collaborate and cooperate for better functioning of Learning Management System. This is propelled more by big data.
  • Tracking: Tracking a student’s learning graph in an e-learning course is mandatory in order to improve the learning system. With the traces that are left behind of each learner, it becomes easy to trace down their entire learning experience throughout the course module. Big data analytics also helps in keeping a track of which site is being revisited, and how many time. It also captures data pertaining to the sections that students have referred to their peers.

Risks with Big data

Although big data has been contributing to the e-learning industry, it has brought in few unavoidable risks as well.

  • Privacy: Privacy has always been questioned on the web. For instance, Google’s various services like gmail, document storage, browsing, maps, etc queue in a lot of personal data in their systems. There is a lot of information that goes public every nano second doubling the risks of inaccuracies.
  • Information beyond data: When we try to search which university ranks, the result we get might be something that says less about ‘teaching’ because they are derived from proxies and various other research activities.

E-Learning+Big Data Analytics

Big data anayltics is all set to change the face of online education. It has opened up ways for improving the way these courses are designed and developed, fllowed by delivering techniques. Big data is sure to take us beyond our imagination when we talk about its contributions in e-learning. The traditional approach to education online will surely undergo a huge revolution, thanks to big data analytics.

Hence we can put it this way- learning big data and its related tools like Mapreduce, Hadoop and R can be rewarding.
You can sign up for our online courses on big data and its related tools here.

Blog Reference: Innovation Excellence Blog

Mood Nation App from Team Indifferent takes the first position

Our Android hackathon successfully brought together innovators and thinkers under one roof on 29th and 30th March 2014 at Microsoft Accelerator. With elections round the corner and the theme revolving around mobilizing voters, hackers got together for 24 hours and put forth their creative best.


In Pic: Team Indifferent with Nikhil from Nokia(extreme right)

We take immense pride in announcing our first winner- Team Indifferent from eBay. The team had Karishma Sureka, Shikha Singh, Ankur Sarda and Deepak Malhotra. Their app Mood Nation predicts the mood of the electorate via sentiment analysis of social media activity. We got in touch with the team to know more about their app. Their team representative Deepak cordially responded to our questions. Here’s an excerpt of the conversation-

What programming languages did you use?
We primarily used JAVA as our backend programming language and ANDROID SDK for the frontend development of the Android application.

Which version of Android will your app support?
It supports Android ICS(4.0) and above.

What are the open source libraries you have used?
Twitter4J- to capture tweets based on Twitter handles and hashtags.
Alchemy API- for sentiment analysis, to get feedback on what kind of sentiment is conveyed by the tweets of critics, politicians and “janta”.
Jersey framework- For backend RESTful web services, we used JAXRS based jersey framework in java

How did you go about testing your app? When are you planning to launch?
We tested it on our own devices which we carried during the hackathon, a Nexus 7 Tablet and Nexus 5 Phone. We are working on enhancing the User Experience bit while also making sure the application is fully functional and planning to launch it by month end.

What is your stance on your application’s security?
Unlike other social android applications, we don’t ask our users to log in with their Twitter account in order to access the application. That’s a huge advantage in terms of ease of use for naive users and from the security aspect too. Also, since the application makes use of public Twitter feeds that are available on Twitter, we are not intruding any Twitter user’s privacy. The application doesn’t read/write any sort of data on a phone so users can safely go about and use Mood Nation.

What sources do you credit for help?
The documentation of the open source libraries we used was of great help since this was the first time we were working on a twitter based tool. So a crisp and clear documentation made it really easy for us to quickly hack and build a working prototype. Also, the judges and organizers of the Venturesity hackathon had great inputs on what other features we can incorporate into the application which made us think beyond our initial plan and build a better app.


We, at Venturesity look forward to witnessing the launch of the app in Playstore. With so much potential, we are sure Mood Nation will top the download charts after it hits the market. We wish the best for our winners in their future endeavors, and also look forward having them with us in our next hackathon.

Learn android development in just 60 days

Android OS remained undeterred in 2013. As the year ended with a bang, we immediately shifted our focus to what will 2014 be all about? It doesn’t come as a surprise that 2014 will also be Android’s year. The battle between Apple and Android is going to continue in this year too. The highlight is: Android will continue to rule the mobile market, with Samsung phones taking the lead.


If you have no knowledge about Android despite being a developer, then the conclusion is as simple as A,B,C : You are going to lose out on some of the best and coolest job opportunities. You needn’t get scared, because you can learn Android development in a span of just 60 days. Yes, you read that right. 60 days are enough to take you from zero to create an android app at Venturesity’s online classroom.

Learn Android Development at Venturesity in 60 days

Venturesity has designed Android development course and has divided it into 8 modules, spanning for 2 months. There are few things that we expect students to possess:
Prerequisite for our Android Development course is Core Java.
Personal computer( Windows/ Macintosh/ Linux) with sound card, speakers/headphones, microphone, and Internet connection of 1 MBPS or above. Please note that many of our students have completed the course in slower internet connection as well.


The course is conducted by an industry practitioner. He is an experienced Android Developer and is skilled in Core Java, JSON, XML, Phonegap and other mobile application development.

Step by Step learning on android development

  • The first module will begin with Downloading the entire android software development software kit and installing all the required plug-ins for Eclipse. You will be guided with all the installations and of course, write your first Hello World Application. This module also included using Emulator and debugging applications.
  • The next module will introduce you to ways of creating android app with edit box and buttons. Also, alongside you will be acquainted with publishing release package and distribution.
  • The third module opens doors to understanding designing of UI, Layouts and basics of UI Elements.
  • Next, we move to the fourth module where we discuss the concepts of Event Listeners and talk about creating a new android application with more than one activity page (i.e. activity of one intent will perform in another).
  • As the modules progress, the learning becomes more fun and interesting. By this time, your love for android is sure to grow manifold times. In the fifth module, we shift our focus to concepts of Lists, Drop Down Menus, Dynamic data binding and its applications.
  • Sixth module introduces you to Multi page Application using Activities, and creating a new application that has a multipage phenomena.
  • Next we deal with Threading and Network Communications, Basic server setup on Google cloud (Google App Engine).
  • And, we reach to the last module. In the eighth module, we finish off with class on Client Server Communication and creating a new app based on the server and communication.

The course is followed by project works. We guide and inspire our students to work on original ideas and create new android apps. If they are unable to come up with a new idea, we provide few ideas from our internal database.

Job opportunities after the course

Venturesity has hiring partnerships with companies like Knowlarity and Zapty. After completing the course with us, you can apply directly to these companies and give your career a kick-start. We train and prepare our students so that they can start off building awesome apps immediately after they finish the course. During the course span and even after that, our instructor will always be there to guide you and help you wherever you are stuck. If you miss out on any class, then we provide video backups so that you can catch up with the pace. Our model involves an interactive method of education where every student can interact with our instructor personally, and we call it ILOC model (Instructor Led Online Courses).



Picture Courtesy: Wingnity Blog

Android market has emerged to be a giant in the mobile industry taking up maximum space. If a developer is capable of building android apps, then he/she is definitely the most sought after commodity in the job market. We already have android watches along with mobile phones. Android TV will not be a long wait, given the way android is paving carving its niche. It’s going to be more and more smart with each passing day. You may not like android, but there is no way you can ignore Android. The best solution is to learn all about android development and let your skills speak for you in the market. All you need is just 60 days.

Expect more than a certificate

Venturesity team arranges events and hackathons in Bangalore where our students can participate and also get connected to VCs, entrepreneurs and peers who come to the event. We recently arranged an android hackathon on 29th and 30th March 2014 at Microsoft Accelerator. You can read about our hackathon and also know about our winning teams- Team Indifferent and Team VIT Innovators. We not just train students but also help them make a niche in their career.

Our media partner News9 had covered the hackathon. If you have missed out on the action, then you can watch it here.

How to make a career in Big data?

Cheap storage along with massive processing capability, big data is creating ripples in the business-IT world. With tools like Hadoop, it goes beyond comprehension as to how big the big data wave is going to be. What resulted out of this data revolution is a new set of jobs for the business IT professionals. Big data has made it simple for organizations to scoop out information from terabytes of data. Today, anything and everything is about harvesting the data. Whether it is the tool making industry or health care, auto repair or education- big data is transforming every industry. The dire need for smart technology has made big data inevitable. Thus, big data experts are and will be the most sought after because the world needs new devices and smarter technologies.

In this blog, we have put down five types of big data jobs that will drive the big data revolution.

Data Scientist: Linkedin’s data scientist Jonathan Goldman’s job has become a benchmark. Once a doctorate in Physics, ultimately became a data scientist after joining Linkedin. Goldman was supposed to make out a product from the huge amount of data churned out of social network. What resulted from that is what we see as Linkedin features like People you might know- It is an algorithm that looks up non-obvious links between people and suggests recommendations to make new connections.
Data scientists can be called the new heroes in the making who are not limited to just social networks and data warehousing firms. Industries who are using tools like hadoop are more inclined towards hiring data scientists, and that includes industries in retail, healthcare, consumer packaged goods and internet industry dealing with a huge amount of data.

Data visualization: “Just using excel is insufficient when you’re looking at hundreds of thousands of student records with hundreds of data points for each.When I got into admissions work, my job was to build relationships and work with families to get them to enroll. Today it’s about identifying which students we should be building relationships with and whether they fit the institution we are working for. I needed to find tools that would let me visualize data in a meaningful way”~ says Mary Chase, VP for enrollment at Creighton University.
Managing a database as huge as this is not a matter of guts. You need to have technology to support you. She says “it’s no longer acceptable in my profession to make decisions that are not data-driven” Ignoring data even if it is available will be nothing but a huge mistake.

Data Analyst: An analyst is deemed to be the most vital need of the hour for any organization churning out terabytes of data. Marketing manager of AxialMarket Cody Boyte is a coder as well. He basically engineers marketing elements in his organization. Being an analyst, he writes scripts to pull in data from various sources and analyses them to see its effectiveness. Boyte is a Journalism major and started off with building websites in WordPress and Drupal. Later he added CSS, PHP scripting, JavaScript and Python. “I may never know enough to be the tech lead in a startup, but I know that having an understanding of programming gives you a massive advantage in recruiting” says Cody.

Data Manipulator: Crunching data in Excel is not a matter of joke but Matt Giandonato, Digital Print Manager at Tukaiz sends his maximum time doing so. He says “I deal with data files every day. Opening a file in Excel is one thing, but learning how to combine files, sort them in certain ways, and break out data to work with different workflows was a challenge at first. But when demand for these products kept growing, we realized that this is the wave of the future”. Discovery has shifted its base from being on papers to being digital. Thus, clerk and paralegals are now replaced by data experts who knows exactly how to play with terabytes of data. Those competent with technology as well as law are now the hottest finds.

IT+Data=Role change: The present generation is moving towards big data. However, that doesn’t allude to the fact that IT will be REPLACED in anyway. What will happen is a change in the roles IT plays.IT professionals are becoming more dynamic every passing day. The present scenario calls for the IT pros to take up more interest in data related technologies as well. The result will be creative people doing more than just one thing at a time!

Blog Reference: InfoWorld Blog

This summer, beat the heat by learning the hottest skillsets

While the weather condition is moving towards the boiling point, we prefer to keep our eyes on the skill sets that are adding to the heat. This season’s hottest skill sets are Big data,Hadoop and Android. So, are you prepared to beat the heat?

Big data and its related components Hadoop, Mapreduce and R are among the top 10 skills in’s job trends. Our courses on Big Data Analytics and Mapreduce and Hadoop also includes reference to MongoDB which tops the list.


Android is the undisputed king of the mobile industry. Making to the headlines everyday with new additions in the app store, Android has secured its position among the top 10 skillsets burning the job sector this summer. Our Android course will give you ample scope to start off from zero. The only prerequisite is knowledge of Core Java.

Android Job Trends

It’s time to beat the heat. For that, we at Venturesity are fully prepared. This summer we are offering a discount of 14% on each of these courses for the first 50 registrations. So, before you melt away grab your chance to add more to your skill sets. Use the coupon code SUMMER14 before 10th May, 2014 to avail the offer.

Editor’s note: We offer courses on these skills as well as provide placement assistance to our students. We focus on interactive and hands-on learning rather than a recorded video. Surprised? To know more about our courses, visit our Course section.

Why Women Should Code

When cofounder of Y-Combinator Paul Graham’s interview to The Information was published, it immediately hit the headlines with his statements like “God knows what you would do to get 13 year old girls interested in computers. I would have to stop and think about that” and “We can’t make these women look at the world through hacker eyes and start Facebook because they haven’t been hacking for the past 10 years”. However, it is a fact that there are fewer women taking the plunge into coding.

It’s not that women do not code, the issue is that they do not come out in the open. Today there are numerous websites for women coders ONLY. They have taken up the initiative to encourage them to don their hacking caps and be proud about it.

Initiatives like She++, Lesbians who Tech, Pyladies, Girls who code have been giving a shout out to women who love tech. Although nowhere is it put up that women shouldn’t code, the acceptability has been denied for a long time. Good part is, tables have turned now. There are events and hackathons happening across the globe- many of them specifically for girls.

Recently, we got to meet the organizers of the upcoming Anita Borg Institute Grace Hopper Celebration of women in computing (India) event. It was encouraging as well as overwhelming to see so many tech ladies gathered together to celebrate women technologists. ABI has been built around the belief, as it quotes, “women are vital to building technology that the world needs”.

All of these events, summits and communities aim at extending a hand of kinship to women who love tech. There are plenty of established women technologists who serve as an inspiration. Anita Borg is one of them who did a lot to bring in women to be not just a part of this tech revolution but be an active contributor. Anita Borg’s efforts have been encouraging women technologists to become leaders in their fields as well!

Inspite of so many Initiatives, we see very few women becoming leaders and realizing their full potential. It seems that their career growth gets stalled before they reach the top. While we were trying to figure out why, Chief Operating officer of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg published her “Lean In” – A book that deals with the reasons and causes for this abrupt pause. She also talks about enough solutions that can help women ultimately achieve their potential. Sheryl is listed among the 50 most powerful women in Business and also comes in the list of 100 most influential people in the world. Her TED talk had become phenomenal when she professed that women, unintentionally, pull back. Sheryl motivated women to “sit at the table”, take up the challenge, chase and pursue their goals. Lean In, blended with humour and knowledge, makes a wonderful journey from what women cannot do to what they can do.

An infographic from ABI showcases the association of women with computers from 1840s. For more than a century, women have been a part of this tech revolution.


What we need to do now is, spread the word. A little more enthusiasm, some more motivation and initiatives for women can help us increase the number of technologists. We would conclude by putting up an excerpt from “Why we need women who code” published in where Adda Birnir, Founder of speaks.

How she learned to code:

“I taught myself to code five years ago and found the experience so empowering and amazing (and good for my bottom line) that I created a startup [Skillcrush) to help other professional women learn the digital skills they need”.

On being a woman in the field:

“On one hand it’s amazing! What we lack for in numbers we more than make up for in energy. The communities of women in tech that I have come to know are incredible. So supportive, so excited, so wanting to give back. On the other hand, it can just be plain alienating to be navigating a world and industry where there are so few role models to look up to. You don’t realize how much you value having someone to look up to and model yourself after until you don’t have such a person anymore. That all said, there is a little part of me that loves the challenge of being in such a male dominated field. I think, sometimes, it makes me feel even more like I belong, not because I feel especially welcomed all the time, but because I am like, LOOK, if not me then there really aren’t ANY ladies”.

Editor’s note: We teach programming and help our students to understand the marvels coding can do. Register with us to learn and explore the world of programming like never before.