Is Hadoop ruling over the job sector?-An Infographic

Research across the globe shows that Hadoop market is set to touch $13.9 billion by 2017. The growth is predicted to be increasing at a rate of 54.9% from 2012 to 2017. Hence, it does not come as a surprise that Hadoop as a job skill is now one of the most demanded one. The following infographic explains why Hadoop is one of the hottest skill set in respect of jobs, salary and hiring companies.infograph-Hadoop.png


Why Java Developers should Learn Hadoop?

hadoop-elephant_logo1.png“Big Data” and “Hadoop” are two buzzwords doing the rounds in the job market. A large amount of data is being accumulated every single moment by organizations. To analyze these data, they need tools and people skilled in using those tools. One such tool is Hadoop. With Hadoop, no data is big enough! Around 4 million entities were converted to PDF by The New York Times in just 36 hours using Hadoop. Huge data is almost a minuscule in hands of a technologist using hadoop.

Why are Java developers should learn hadoop?

The foremost reason is, hadoop is written in Java, and those developers who already have the knowledge of this computer language can pick up hadoop more easily than others. Java developers are at an advantageous position in today’s market. If you look at the graph indicating job trends in hadoop, then you can see it steadily moving north! Hadoop is gaining momentum for reasons more than one-

  • Hadoop works on inexpensive servers enabling it to both store and process data. For this reason, it is also called Distributed processing.
  • It is also called Parallel Processing because it enables working on more than one server at a time.
  • MapReduce programs are written in Java which are comparatively easy to learn and use.



Today, no one goes out and asks “why do we need hadoop”. It’s no more a question, it’s a norm- Hadoop is essential. With more and more data streaming in from multiple sources and in various formats, Hadoop is one tool that can easily aggregate this huge bulk of data. Businesses and Organizations are using Hadoop in the best possible ways, and are in a constant hunt for Java developers skilled in Hadoop.

Learn Hadoop and stay one step ahead of others

There are many developers who know Java. However, you need something more than just Java that can give you the edge over others. Learning Hadoop can keep you a step ahead of others. If you are a Java developer, then it’s highly recommended that you learn Big data analytics and Hadoop. The market is hot with jobs in Big Data and Hadoop. All you need to do is register yourself for a hadoop course. Join MapReduce and Hadoop course at Venturesity and understand the concepts of Big data, MapReduce and Hadoop. Learn from our industry experts all about Big Data analytics and its tools, and grab the best jobs of the decade.