Top 5 Inside Sales Articles of the Week — 28 May to 3 June ’17

We are starting a series of curated content pieces for professionals who are always in pursuit of new knowledge. Nothing is better than a piece written by an expert. The problem is that the number of articles around any popular topic is enormous and the filtering is a pain. We are solving it by curating it for you guys based on the social cue’s, authors’s expertise and relevance. Each week our team goes through hundreds of articles to create a collection of the Top 5, for professionals, to grow and learn from. Starting this week we are focussing on Inside Sales professionals. In this week’s collection we want to share with you, How can you define your ideal prospects and 5 Cold Email templates to generate warm leads. We have also included the best time for scheduled sales calls/demos and also ways can you improve your trial to paid conversion by 100%. Last but not the least we have listed down the top 3 reasons why you could be failing at your Sales Follow and what can you do about it.

  1. Top 3 Reasons you are Failing at Sales Follow-upThe biggest reason of not converting warm sales leads is inadequate follow up and Gaurav Dharamshaktu outlines the top 3 reasons where your company can be lacking. Check out this article to see if your sales team is on point with their follow ups and if not, how can you help.
  2. The Best Times for Scheduled Sales Calls and DemosIf you reach out to a prospect at the right moment he/she will respond. But is your sales team aware of the right time to schedule their sales calls or when would the hold/no show rates be the least from the client’s side. Check out this article by Chris Orlob to know what can be the best time to schedule Sales calls/demos.
  3. How to Define Your Ideal ProspectYou need a healthy pipeline of sales prospects but the quality of your prospects also needs to be high. The more right customers you bring in, the higher is the chances of your company being profitable. Check out this article by Joseph Maupe as to how can you define your ideal prospect and end up building a high quality sales pipeline.
  4. How to double your trial to paid conversion rate with on-boardingOne of the most difficult things as a SAAS company is to convert your trial users to paid users with minimum friction possible. The best way to do this is via an effective on-boarding process which not only communicates the value of the product to the user but also convinces him/her to act and convert to a paid user. Check out this article by Patrick Campbell who explains how Drip (a Marketing Automation software) went through 4 different versions of on-boarding in three years to optimise the same.
  5. 5 cold email templates that will generate warm leads for your sales teamCold emails are the still one of the most popular ways of generating warm leads for businesses. Steli Efti from shares the highest converting subject lines and body templates of great sales emails in this article with you to supercharge your Sales team.

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Hope you enjoy our collection this week. We will be launching similar curated collection on topics around Product Management, Design and Growth Hacking. Let us know your feedback.

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