Venturesity is now Skillenza!

Since our inception in 2013, Venturesity has gone from strength to strength. We were one of the first companies in India to put forward a challenge centric approach to hiring. These challenges are real world projects that would help candidates build credibility into their profiles. This sort of approach is now fast becoming the industry norm, especially in the technology domain. Not only do our challenges separate the wheat from the chaff, they also help foster a sense of community. We are a community driven challenge platform!


However, there’s a lack of a single one stop challenge product for all community and professional requirements in the market. To that end, we are launching a new challenge platform that will help facilitate this community driven, challenge centric approach. To celebrate the launch, we are also rebranding ourselves as Skillenza. The name says it all. It’s a portmanteau of two words: skill + enza. Everyone knows what skill means, while Enza, if you are not aware, is a Germanic word meaning giant, or huge.


In other words, we aspire to infect you with the disease of upskilling, updating, upgrading and always putting forward the best professional you possible. In a huge way! Skillenza is THE GIGANTIC CENTER of learning and upskilling.


At Skillenza, we believe in learning through “doing” rather than just reading from a book. Here you will learn and grow your career with us and our community. You are not learning from us. No. Rather, you are learning with us!


Plenty of options exist on the platform: from organizing your own hackathons and challenges to creating your own interest based communities and even actual brand building. Not only that, by actively engaging with the platform, you can stay up to date on the latest events in the communities of your interest.


We also have a learning center where we curate learning material from a variety of sources. These materials will help you solve the challenges we throw at you!


The platform has several unique features in addition to those outlined above. We have a top of the line code evaluator and compiler that is among the best. You can use the evaluator to practice your programming skills. We have a database of programming challenges that you can solve using the compiler. With the help of the evaluator, you can compare how well you’ve done in relation to others. You can create your own set of programming challenges and challenge other users.


In addition, we also have a data science evaluator. The evaluator enables companies and individuals to run data science challenges. The challenges can be evaluated on a variety of different metrics.


For further practice, we also have an extensive database of multiple choice questions that will test your fundamentals on many different topics. The questions get progressively harder or easier depending on your performance.


Other nifty features in the product include a content evaluator that helps you to evaluate candidates on their writing skills, a plagiarism detector and other automated tools focused on evaluation and candidate filtration.


In the future, we at Skillenza aim to move into domains beyond technology. Subhendu Panigrahi,  our cofounder, says, “Learning never stops. The more we learn the greater our skillsets. Our CVs do not accurately reflect what we know and can do. We envision Skillenza to be a platform where the user’s capabilities are grown, nurtured and amplified via the power of communities and peer2peer learning’. 


As you can see, we’ve come a long way since our early days. Although we were one of the pioneers of the challenge centric approach to hiring, we are not content to simply rest on our laurels. As mentioned before, this methodology of finding and acquiring talent is becoming the norm in the tech industry. However, no one has applied this as methodically and thoroughly as we have done. We have managed to build a vibrant and engaged community centered around these challenges. And we think that the lessons learned from the tech domain can be easily transferred to talent acquisition, engagement and retention even in non-tech domains. So, we are developing tools to evaluate candidates in other domains as well!


Skillenza is not just a challenge platform however. We are focused extensively on engaging and building talent communities that would serve as a talent pipeline to companies. As well as getting a bunch of talent people together. Our new product will enable this to happen organically.

Here’s how to migrate your Venturesity account to Skillenza