Edureka Ensures You Finish Ahead of The Game


What do you get when you cross education with Eureka moments of insight? That’s right, not a History textbook. You get a platform singularly geared to keeping the process of learning inspiring, in India, and the world over.


Edureka is one of the world’s leading online live education portals for working professionals. They offer instructor-led courses supported by online resources, along with 24×7 on-demand support. What makes it different from all the others out there? Nothing… Just that it has the highest course completion rates of all time. Which means, every time you put your hard earned money down to sign up for a course, chances are this time you will actually complete it! Which is huge.


Their mission is simple: It is to make sure that no student who comes to Edureka leaves without learning.

Edureka is currently hiring a PHP developer.

The PHP Developer will need to:

  • Be able to understand requirements and design architecture with end-to-end development from web to DB
  • Design and develop various components using Service-Oriented Architecture

Web Dev

Role requirements include:

  • Experience in Web Development with OOPs or at least one scripting language, such as PHP (Cake/Laravel), Ruby on Rails, Python (Django) or Perl
  • A strong foundation of data structures, algorithms, database design and software architecture


The quickest way to establish yourself in this role is to:

Apply for challenge → Solve programming test → Technical interview → Land job.


5 years, 50,000+ hours of classes, 4,70,000+ learners,  and 3000% growth: Edureka.

Impressed yet?

If you are, and are looking to join their team, just jump on and take the challenge!

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Important Details – Rajasthan Hackathon 3.0


So, who is excited for this 24-hour, multi-topic, innovation sprint for coders, developers, designers, inventors and all-around creators – with prizes worth Rs. 32 lacs, not to mention a great deal more!

If the answer is you, brilliant. Now, all you have to do is figure out the answers to some important questions concerning accommodation, venue, reimbursement and team sizes. Why don’t we make it easy for you and address them right this second!



The venue for the hackathon is: Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

All participants must report to this location after reaching Udaipur:

Hackathon (registration) will begin at: 8AM on 2nd Dec.

Hackathon (event) starts at: 10AM sharp on 2nd Dec.

Results of the hackathon will be announced at 2PM on 3rd Dec.

Note: You cannot attend this hackathon remotely.



1 to 4 participants will be allowed to form each team.

Every team member doesn’t need to fill up a separate form. They only have to register for the hackathon.

If you are looking to add a team member, please mention their name while you are filling up the form. In case you are not able to do so, please ask that team member to only fill in the team name on their individual form. This goes for the rest of the team.

Please note: You can confirm your team right before the hackathon starts, so please don’t worry about adding or editing members.



Basic accommodation (on sharing basis) will be provided to all participants on 1st and 2nd December, 2017.

You should reach Udaipur by 1st Dec, as the hackathon begins the next morning at 8 AM. Your stay for 1st and 2nd December is catered for on a sharing basis.

Please note: we will not be providing accommodation before or after the above-mentioned dates.



Participation in the hackathon is completely free – there are no fees!

Reimbursement for travel and accommodation is available for those traveling from other states for the hackathon.

All selected participants will get reimbursement for round-trip travel. You will get reimbursed at the hackathon venue itself. Please bring your tickets to the venue.

Even if you travel by road or flight, you will still get reimbursed the lower of: a) 2-tier AC train fare, or b) your actual road/flight cost.

Once selected, you will be sent a form to upload your travel plan details.

Note: If you don’t have your tickets/receipts immediately, please upload a doc in the travel reimbursement form saying that you will upload it later.

The maximum cap for reimbursements is a 2-tier AC train fare that is based off actual distance traveled.

Since your accommodation, travel and participation are all essentially taken care of – I guess there is nothing more to say, beyond we’ll see you soon!

HDFC Life’s Hackathon Presents A Faster Way to Get Hired


Which is the first name that comes to mind when you think of reliable insurance of any kind? If it’s HDFC Life, you would not be alone.

HDFC Life is one of the leading life insurance companies in India offering a range of individual and group insurance solutions that meet various customer needs such as Protection, Pension, Savings & Investment and Health, along with Children’s and Women’s Plan. HDFC Life has a pan India presence, comprising over 11,200 branches across India – as of June 2017.

HDFC Life is looking to disrupt the insurance industry as we know it – and you get to play a part in designing this new chapter using your innovative designs and ideas for future technologies!

It is holding Insure Techathon, an unique 24-hour hackathon, designed to hire 2 full stack web developers for their team on December 9th, 2017 in Bangalore.


In order to qualify for the hackathon, you will need:

  • At least 3 years of experience building highly-scalable web applications
  • Proficient knowledge of back-end programming languages like Python, JavaScript, etc.
  • Proficient understanding of client-side scripting and JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery, etc.



What are the most poignant reasons to want to work for this company? If the understanding that this just so happens to be India’s leading insurance provider does not move you, then maybe the fact that their net worth happens to be about $12 billion, might.
What is the shortest path to becoming one of HDFC Life’s next Full Stack Developers?

Just apply for the challenge, present your innovation to the judges, and win a HDFC Life job offer at the Insure Techathon.

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See Rent-A-Thon React to Rubies


What do you think when you hear the term hackathon in a casual context? If it’s laptops, Red Bull and mad typing skills – you’re on the right track.


GrabOnRent is a product rental marketplace that rents customers a variety of products and gets them delivered to their doorstep. It aims to disrupt the sharing economy in India with a vision to make any product available to anyone by introducing an alternate consumption method other than buying.

Rent-a-thon is a 24-hour hackathon organized by GrabOnRent in Bangalore on 2nd – 3rd December to hire both frontend and backend developers.


The company aggregates individuals and distributed suppliers and provides a variety of products to their customers to rent from. The company aims to ease the process of renting by providing a comprehensive solution including, product selection, secure payments and logistics support.

So think an Amazon for all products, but you can only rent them, and return them once you no longer have a use for them. Isn’t that incredible? Take, for example, a new laptop that’s top of the line right now, but that you can return in 3 months when something better comes along. This is essentially what GrabOnRent is doing in the Indian consumer marketplace.


If you want to be a part of this mission and happen to be a backend or frontend developer, here is what they are looking for :-

Requirements for React:

  • Comfortable working on React, Flux, ES7, Redux, Webpack and have significant experience with Javascript
  • Great at building responsive and user-friendly single-page applications in React, Angular, Flux, Webpack, HTML5, CSS, etc.


Requirements for Ruby on Rails:

  • Experience with RESTful API development on Rails
  • Integration of data storage solutions – in our case, MongoDb, Postgresql, Redis


Why would you want to work here – beyond their innovative business model? Because you want to be part of a diverse, young and energetic team, love the idea of getting hands-on experience with the latest technology, and care for flexible working hours and fun-filled Saturdays. Oh, and if you love kachoris, donuts and beer, you’re the perfect fit!


So how does one get their hands on an offer here? The quickest way to secure this job offer is to register, fill in some details, get shortlisted, and then blow away the judges at the hackathon! What are you waiting for?

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As Tech-Literate As Grandma? Udemy Thinks It’s Time For A … SALE!


“Once you stop learning, you start dying,” said Albert Einstein. Nothing could be more true at this moment in time. As we enter an era of technological and human advancement unlike any other – with new tech startups around every corner and newer technologies being created alongside the hottest new apps – it seems like the Bible had it wrong: it’s not the meek that will survive – but only the geeks. So what is one to do, when understanding what a Bitcoin is and where new technologies like AI and VR will take us, are imperative to our existence?


I mean, do you really want to be your grandma, struggling to understand how a cell phone works and where the Power button is – except this time the cell phone happens to be a software or programming language that you know nothing about navigating? Well, unless you take a programming course – you are basically asking to repeat that exact course of history. Don’t let this be you.

Grandma can't text.jpg

It’s not all doom and gloom. There are many benefits to learning a programming language:

Just like artists use paint on a canvas to create something that will elicit an emotion or reaction and stand the test of time, programmers use code on their computers to build products or prototypes that are deemed useful and ingenious by the masses (take Facebook, the iPhone or PayTM).

Code Working.gif

Alternatively, if building something elegant and useful for the world to benefit from does not appeal to you, pure adrenaline might. It is usually the case that when a company has to downsize, employees with the fewest skill sets – i.e. those that have stopped upskilling themselves a long time ago – are the first to get the boot. Do you really want to be the lowest on that food chain?


If you have more than the average set of skills and you happen to be looking for a job – you will stand out from the crowd if you know a programming language. Udemy’s courses, for example, only take between 5 to 33 hours a language to learn – so time is not a factor! How impressive would it be to apply for a job and list “coding in Python” as a skill, on top of everything else you have going for you! More importantly, how intrigued by your resume do you think the employer would be at having a candidate that could potentially work in operations or finance and create a program for them to streamline their processes?

Special Skills

Learning a desirable new skill that’s in demand in the market right now will make you a hot commodity. Not only will learning a programming language supplement your current resume, it will also alter the way you think – so that you are able to solve problems strategically and more efficiently (using less time and energy) ensuring no stone is left unturned.


If this is a reality you want to take advantage of and make your own, you sure can. For Rs. 640 and 33 hours, or less, invested in total – you too can proudly add any programming language you desire from the list onto your professional profile.


Udemy is running a Black Friday Sale with the following courses – so get them while the going is hot:

  1. Node.js ( [26hrs]
  2. Python ( [12.5hrs]
  3. AngularJS ( [7hrs]
  4. PHP ([33.5hrs]
  5. Ruby-on-Rails ( [28.5hrs].
  6. React ( [4.5hrs]
  7. Full Stack ( [25.5hrs]

Don’t go signing up for all of them at once, now. Pick the top 3 in demand in your field or industry and let your drive to be the best and outperform your competition do the rest!

I’m sorry, did I say “competition”? I meant, spare your grandchildren the need to pull out their hair in frustration because you refused to learn to React properly while you had the chance, and now you are destined to become their twit…


Hack-A-Mojo Draws Developers Raring to Go!

Instamojo 0.png

Hackathons are all the rage these days.

With the ridiculous levels of excitement and rewards compounded by the high-pressure stakes and the need to prove your programming skills the entire time, what’s not to dread? I mean… love?

Instamojo is India’s largest on-demand payments & e-commerce platform. Boasting flexible working hours, snacks and tons of geek humor, and Xbox sessions, combined with office fun and amazing Fridays – there is no reason why anyone would not want to work there.


Instamojo 1.jpg

On October 28th, 2017 Instamojo launched a hackathon aptly titled, Hack-a-mojo, to find, screen and hire back-end and front-end developers worthy of joining their gaming sessions with experience designing and implementing high-performance web applications. The problem statement revolved around designing a way to automate the extraction of data from a PAN card for authentication purposes.

Of the total registrations, only 40 qualified candidates made it onto teams on the day of the event.

Instamojo 3

The second runner-up consisted of a team of two individuals that built a back-end program to tackle the problem statement and facilitate the extraction process. They used computer vision libraries and Python to build their solution. One of the team members, Rakesh Gopal, even commented on “how well-designed and well-planned the entire event was” from start to end.

Not to be outdone, three individuals attacked the problem statement using the user perspective. Starting with the UX in mind, they applied a Python Django framework and submitted their proposed solution. They ended up being the first runner’s up. Sheesh Mohsin, a group member, commented on how they “had to work hard” to get as far as they did.

Ketan Mehta, a member of the winning team, could not say enough great things about the hackathon, the attention to detail given in its organization, or the people involved. The winning team approached the hackathon with a background in OCR and this proved monumental in their placing.

Instamojo 2

After arduous hours of work, sleeplessness, and panic the 24-hour long hackathon resulted in 3 teams taking home prizes and a total of 10 lucky candidates being shortlisted for hiring by Instamojo.

If the above description appeals to you, the next thing you should do is check out some great hiring challenges live on Skillenza. Check them out here!



The Blume Fellowship: Leveling up

“…Bay Area, Beijing, and Bangalore – that’s where the action is ”, said Uber founder, Travis Kalanick, at a Startup India Summit held at New Delhi in January 2016. As exciting as that sounds for most of us in the ecosystem, it is also a pipe-dream for many when it comes to accessibility – a major chunk of the country is away from the action, with a pronounced dearth of exposure and mentorship.

Young potential entrepreneurs and students hungry to be a part of the startup world need entry into this high-octane environment. There is a large gap between some top-notch talent hidden in remote corners of the country and the kind of exposure it gets. More often than not, these students intern as cogs in the wheels of settled organizations where the internships can often be unvetted and there is seldom desired to invest time in these students.

At the other side of the spectrum – for the startups – building a strong brand is often an expensive and resource-intensive process. Nothing proliferates as rapidly and effectively as positive word-of-mouth – having these startups interact and invest time with these young students who then carry those experiences back to their campuses creates a significant ripple effect.

This gap can be bridged through a platform that seeks, screens and connects quality resources to high growth startups in need of that talent. The Blume Fellowship was conceptualized to help create branding for its portfolio companies amongst this young talent pool while attempting to bridge that gap.


In 2017, one of India’s leading tech-focused early stage VCs, Blume Ventures, explored an opportunity to create a mutually beneficial program for itself and its portfolio companies by partnering with Skillenza, an online platform, working to disrupt conventional hiring. They wanted to see whether offering internships for their large-sized portfolio (70+) would elicit any response from students across the

country. 3,200 resounding yeses confirmed their suspicion. There was, in fact, an overwhelming demand for a chance to land an esteemed internship within the startup ecosystem… And so the Blume Fellowship was born.

From January 2017 through March, an online challenge was held to attract applicants. Only the top 2% of the 3,000+ applicants were shortlisted to go on to the interview stage. After the 78 chosen candidates whose Java, C, and C++ skills were tested, learned that they were through to the next round, they then had to pick their top 5 companies. In the same way, of the 70 portfolio companies, the 22 that had expressed interest in hosting an internship had to shortlist their preferred candidates to interview. The candidates and companies were then matched and interviews conducted accordingly.



So, what was the point of this one of a kind partnership, that had never before been attempted in India? Blume Ventures’ managing partner, Sanjay Nath, described the opportunity as a “full stack experience” that was designed to be highly hands-on for students and beneficial to startups. It would give students insight into investing, operations, and mentorship opportunities while allowing the startups to try their hand at a completely new way of hiring interns.

For startups it was a means to explore an effective way of hiring interns. They were able to reduce their effort by 50% and cost incurred by almost 33%, while maintaining the quality of students they picked as interns.

For students, it was an avenue to gain industry-specific experience, learn relevant skills and work on projects and problems in the industry currently being solved. Some of our students’ feedback can be found below:

Happy Kumar, a 3rd-year student from NIT (Rourkela), maintained how the fellowship was a “great platform to kickstart [your] career” with. — [Blume Fellow at WebEngage ]

Nilesh Hirani from NIT (Agartala), said the fellowship “provides the perfect platform for someone to gain industrial exposure at the right place.” — [Blume Fellow at iService ]

Shubham Agarwal, a 3rd-year engineer from IIT (Dhanbad), said: “I learned a lot, and implemented my knowledge in a live, ongoing project.” — [Blume Fellow at Skillenza ]

This is “where the action is”!

The Blume Fellowship in 2017 was a first-of-its-kind, pioneering programme in the country and started as an interactive platform for startups and students. We’re now looking at v2.0 for 2018, building on our strengths and lessons from last year, and culminating that into a better-crafted experience. With exposure to a wider ecosystem, a more intense screening process, we’re leveling up.

10 Reasons Not To Attend a Hackathon

Disclaimer: The below article is just an attempt to put a humorous spin on hackathons, and should not be taken seriously. These are not my actual opinions.


A hackathon is not an organized event for people who are interested in computer programming. It doesn’t allow them to meet, collaborate in groups, and compete in coming up with solutions and projects from scratch to address specific problems in the tech sector. The winners never gain recognition and impressive prizes from big-name sponsor companies. If you have never attended a hackathon before, let alone heard of it, good for you. Here’s a list of reasons why:

  1. Hiring Does Not Occur 

Some hackathons do not give you job offers from the sponsor company. As if it were not enough that they call you in on a weekend, only to deliver the news – you will not be hired! Did I mention, in public? Because the hackathon does not act as a means to test your skills in real-life while under pressure from other competing teams of developers to single out the best – you will never need attempt to get hired using this avenue. I would suggest trolling recruiters on LinkedIn instead.

giphy (4).gif

  1. Networking Is Never Encouraged 

You will not be put in a position where you are made to interact with your peers in close quarters for hours on end. Your circle of contacts will not expand – it will, in fact, diminish in terms of the clowns you now have to work with. This, in turn, will make finding a warm introduction for job opportunities, meeting future prospective clients, or even launching your own company drastically more difficult.

giphy (5)

  1. Collaboration Is Frowned Upon

If you find it difficult to motivate yourself to sit and program for hours to develop your own project and need a quick fix – a weekend’s worth of collaborating on it with other programming junkies will not kick its development into high gear. If anything, they will laugh you out of the building – and steal your idea to boot!

  1. Interests Are Never In Common

Why attend a hackathon to only meet people with similar interests as you, when we both know such people do not actually exist. I mean, who do you think you’re kidding? Your odds would be better if you attempted conforming, and pretending to like the same rubbish everyone else pretends to, but can’t stand! Such connections last a lifetime.

giphy (6).gif

  1. Competition Is Readily Forbidden

Attending a hackathon will never lead to you being able to compete against some of the brightest minds out there. And forget about testing your aptitude and skill at applying what you know to the real world. This pathetic excuse for a competitive arena will draw out the worst in you while testing your ability to be silent and submissive. Add to that, everyone sings love songs and dances in a circle at the end. Kumbaya.

giphy (8).gif

  1. Problems Are Not Complex

You do not get to work with problems vastly different from what you are used to on your daily grind. You might as well copy-paste another day in your life of monotony in its place. If you were hoping to beat the grind by learning new skills, familiarizing yourself with new technologies, and meeting minds with different ways of thinking – now is not the time or place.

  1. Recognition Is Never Given

You cannot enjoy the moment you are called onto the stage with your team. Because it never happened. And thankfully, never will – thanks to your contribution. You have greater chances of falling off the stage while presenting your solution than you do of gaining any accolades from the crowd for your ingenuity.

giphy (7).gif

  1. Community Does Not Exist

If engaging with the developer community online seems to be a challenge, why even try meeting developers through hackathons? They are the same in real life, just more talkative and out-going. The idea of exchanging information and knowledge in their areas of expertise and passion just makes them bloom. So no chance you will find someone to talk to here.

giphy (9).gif

  1. Learning Is Not Engaging

You will not learn in 24 hours what would otherwise have taken you six months to learn. The amount of information, technical knowledge, and hacks that are passed on in hackathons are ridiculously minimal. We both know you’d be better off studying encyclopedias instead.

  1. Excitement During Event Is Non-Existent 

There is zero excitement in struggling to figure out a solution to a problem alongside a team with time limits in place. No one in the history of this planet has come up with a brilliant solution almost overnight. And the desperation involved in balancing dynamic work styles, personalities and interpersonal skills is so not worth it. The knowledge that other basic minds are working just as hard to win the coveted prizes and recognition means nothing, considering hackathons really do not matter.

giphy (10).gif

Just ask Raj. He did not get a job at Amazon out of it.

5 Reasons Why you should Intern for a Start-Up!

How would you like it if you got a trial run for all the major decisions in life, to know how it would exactly feel to be able to live a decision before you actually make it? Without a doubt, it would be wonderful, right?

You would spend minimum 8 hours working every day, so your job would certainly be one of the most important aspects of your life.

As Steve Jobs would say, “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”

An internship before you graduate could be a great trial run. It would give you an insight as to what your preferences are in your job, what job position would actually suit you. For instance, if you would make a good marketer, sales person, or a product developer.

An internship ideally is an opportunity to get a feel of the real world job and simultaneously it beautifies your resume and prepares you for what’s out there once you graduate. Additionally, you get a handsome monthly stipend as part of your internship programme.

So, this summer don’t waste your time, intern instead! Now, that you should be serious about an internship, there is another parameter. Where should you do it from? A start-up is a way to go. It might seem better for you to opt for a big organization, might be an easy enough decision. However, a start-up would be a smarter choice. Wondering why?

Reason 1:- Becoming more proactive

The workforce, ethics, and style of working in a start-up will help you to become more proactive. There would be a million things going on at a given point of time, and you would be able to witness and learn the hustle employees go through to get the job done. Learning a skill like that would make you a hustler in any organization. This skill would make you stand out from the crowd in this cut-throat competitive industry.

Reason 2:- Having accountability

A startup will not hire you just to test you as a probable candidate because they might be stricter on their budget. You will be assigned work of actual importance that makes a difference. People using something you helped to build, is something you would thrive on. Nothing beats that satisfaction.

You will work with the team as a team member. You will be given responsibilities and deadlines, with awards and recognition for a good job. A startup accepts an intern as its own and trains, nourishes, gives responsibilities and awards as a normal employee. Feeling out of place is not something that you would undergo as you will be on the team in a very realistic way.

Reason 3:- No hierarchical BS

You would be able to work with people of different teams and talents in the startup you choose to work with.

You would be close to your superiors as startups usually believe in openness and transparency in the system. Your superiors would be your best mentors as their job would also include enabling you to produce better work by the day. Working with the core team and the higher management on a regular basis would actually enable you to understand the business model. It takes people years to get the business model in their big organizations, to actually understand how business is done.

One of the initiatives launched by Skillenza was the Blume fellowship programme. The interns were given a new tag “fellows” and also received a lot of perks and incentives, like better stipends, cool projects, and swag.

Reason 4:- Learning a key-skill, “multi-tasking”

You might also learn multi-tasking, one of the skills that’s difficult to acquire in a big organization. In a big organization, you are assigned a task, and you do it. However, in a startup you juggle. You might be asked to work with a UX-designer and help him with his ideas, then maybe write the front end code, and then maybe test the product. Multi-tasking is not a skill that comes by easily, and you would be equipped with it even before you graduate.

Within a few months, if you are smart enough, you would know what work truly makes you happy. Your mentor would help you work through your talents and make them better. It would help you truly understand what you would be good at, and once you graduate, you are not the ones with no idea what to do or just accept what you are offered. You know your path, now, you just need to act, make way, and walk towards it. Isn’t that amazing?

Reason 5:- Building relationships

As you directly work with the top management of the company, you can expect to get an offer if they succeed, if not you can use their network to land yourself in another company with a role that you truly want, and not something that is pushed to you by the company. For example: – In many IT services company, as a fresh candidate, you will not be given an option to choose between development, testing or support let alone allow you to choose in what technology you want to work.

In a start-up the workforce is small and you get to know each other well and be friends with. So, you already will have friends in the industry with whom you can be in touch, who can help you in a great deal once you are done with your college. That’s something you wouldn’t want to miss.

For instance, BLUME fellows got a chance to meet Blume partners and the portfolio founders. It’s not every day you can meet these people.

Being an intern in a start-up usually meant working for free, but that’s not what is the industry norm now. If you show great attitude, talent, learnability, you could be getting good wages with of course all the five reasons. So, don’t be lazy, send out your best resumes, and be eager to start interning this summer.

Go to internhunt and discover cool internship opportunities and be amazing.


Hackathons: What can I gain from attending?


A hackathon is an organized event for people who are interested in computer programming. It allows them to meet, collaborate in groups, and compete in coming up with solutions and projects from scratch to address specific problems in the tech sector. The winners gain recognition and impressive prizes from big-name sponsor companies. If you have never attended a hackathon before, let alone heard of it, here are a list of reasons to attend:


  1.   Hiring

Were you aware some hackathons enable you to land lucrative positions at the sponsor company? The hackathon platform acts as a means to test your skills in real-life while under pressure from other competing teams of developers, to single out the best.


  1. Networking

Being made to interact with your peers at such events will expand your circle of contacts. This, in turn, will make finding a warm introduction for job opportunities, meeting future prospective clients, or even launching your own company drastically simpler.


  1.   Collaboration

If you find it difficult to motivate yourself to sit and program for hours to develop your own project and need a quick fix – a weekend’s worth of collaborating on it with other programming junkies will kick its development into high gear.


  1.   Interests

Why not attend a hackathon to just meet people with similar interests as you, and go from there? Who knows who you could make a genuine connection with, that might last a lifetime.


  1.   Competition

Attending a hackathon will give you a chance to compete against some of the brightest minds out there and test your aptitude and skill at applying what you know to the real world. This competitive arena may draw out the best in you, but also test your ability to work in a team, and help you see your strengths and areas of weakness in direct comparison to others like you.


  1. Problems

You get to work with problems and on projects vastly different from what you are used to working on day in and day out. In doing so, beat the grind by learning new skills, familiarizing yourself with new technologies, and meeting minds with different ways of thinking.


  1. Recognition

Enjoy the moment you are called onto the stage with your team for having won the hackathon thanks to your contribution. Present your project to the crowd and take in the accolades.


  1. Community

If engaging with the developer community online seems to be a challenge, try meeting developers through hackathons and exchange information and knowledge in your areas of expertise and passion.


  1. Learn

You will learn in 24 hours what would otherwise have taken you six months to learn. The amount of information, technical knowledge, and hacks that are passed on in hackathons are insane.


  1. Excitement

The excitement of struggling to figure out a solution to a problem alongside a team, the time limit involved in coming up with a brilliant solution almost overnight, the challenge of balancing dynamic work styles, personalities and interpersonal skills, as well as the knowledge that other great minds are working just as hard to win the coveted prizes and recognition – all come together to form a hackathon.

Indulge in new experiences. For isn’t life just a collection of experiences worth having? Don’t be just another dreamer hoping to do it all someday. Go get it – land that job, make those friends, learn that language – all because you have the drive to succeed!