Learn android development in just 60 days

Android OS remained undeterred in 2013. As the year ended with a bang, we immediately shifted our focus to what will 2014 be all about? It doesn’t come as a surprise that 2014 will also be Android’s year. The battle between Apple and Android is going to continue in this year too. The highlight is: Android will continue to rule the mobile market, with Samsung phones taking the lead.


If you have no knowledge about Android despite being a developer, then the conclusion is as simple as A,B,C : You are going to lose out on some of the best and coolest job opportunities. You needn’t get scared, because you can learn Android development in a span of just 60 days. Yes, you read that right. 60 days are enough to take you from zero to create an android app at Venturesity’s online classroom.

Learn Android Development at Venturesity in 60 days

Venturesity has designed Android development course and has divided it into 8 modules, spanning for 2 months. There are few things that we expect students to possess:
Prerequisite for our Android Development course is Core Java.
Personal computer( Windows/ Macintosh/ Linux) with sound card, speakers/headphones, microphone, and Internet connection of 1 MBPS or above. Please note that many of our students have completed the course in slower internet connection as well.


The course is conducted by an industry practitioner. He is an experienced Android Developer and is skilled in Core Java, JSON, XML, Phonegap and other mobile application development.

Step by Step learning on android development

  • The first module will begin with Downloading the entire android software development software kit and installing all the required plug-ins for Eclipse. You will be guided with all the installations and of course, write your first Hello World Application. This module also included using Emulator and debugging applications.
  • The next module will introduce you to ways of creating android app with edit box and buttons. Also, alongside you will be acquainted with publishing release package and distribution.
  • The third module opens doors to understanding designing of UI, Layouts and basics of UI Elements.
  • Next, we move to the fourth module where we discuss the concepts of Event Listeners and talk about creating a new android application with more than one activity page (i.e. activity of one intent will perform in another).
  • As the modules progress, the learning becomes more fun and interesting. By this time, your love for android is sure to grow manifold times. In the fifth module, we shift our focus to concepts of Lists, Drop Down Menus, Dynamic data binding and its applications.
  • Sixth module introduces you to Multi page Application using Activities, and creating a new application that has a multipage phenomena.
  • Next we deal with Threading and Network Communications, Basic server setup on Google cloud (Google App Engine).
  • And, we reach to the last module. In the eighth module, we finish off with class on Client Server Communication and creating a new app based on the server and communication.

The course is followed by project works. We guide and inspire our students to work on original ideas and create new android apps. If they are unable to come up with a new idea, we provide few ideas from our internal database.

Job opportunities after the course

Venturesity has hiring partnerships with companies like Knowlarity and Zapty. After completing the course with us, you can apply directly to these companies and give your career a kick-start. We train and prepare our students so that they can start off building awesome apps immediately after they finish the course. During the course span and even after that, our instructor will always be there to guide you and help you wherever you are stuck. If you miss out on any class, then we provide video backups so that you can catch up with the pace. Our model involves an interactive method of education where every student can interact with our instructor personally, and we call it ILOC model (Instructor Led Online Courses).



Picture Courtesy: Wingnity Blog

Android market has emerged to be a giant in the mobile industry taking up maximum space. If a developer is capable of building android apps, then he/she is definitely the most sought after commodity in the job market. We already have android watches along with mobile phones. Android TV will not be a long wait, given the way android is paving carving its niche. It’s going to be more and more smart with each passing day. You may not like android, but there is no way you can ignore Android. The best solution is to learn all about android development and let your skills speak for you in the market. All you need is just 60 days.

Expect more than a certificate

Venturesity team arranges events and hackathons in Bangalore where our students can participate and also get connected to VCs, entrepreneurs and peers who come to the event. We recently arranged an android hackathon on 29th and 30th March 2014 at Microsoft Accelerator. You can read about our hackathon and also know about our winning teams- Team Indifferent and Team VIT Innovators. We not just train students but also help them make a niche in their career.

Our media partner News9 had covered the hackathon. If you have missed out on the action, then you can watch it here.

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