In February 2018, Digital Domain, one of the largest and most innovative providers of visual effects and virtual reality (VR) experiences, needed to hire talent to fill several positions in their new Hyderabad visual effects studio – where their staff artists have won more than 100 major awards, including 37 Clio Awards, 22 AICP awards, 9 Cannes Lion Awards and numerous other advertising honors. They have also secured 4 Academy Awards for Scientific and Technical Achievement for their proprietary technologies.

Virtual Reality

The DD Hyderabad Studio is Digital Domain’s 5th global studio and first facility in India, that began production in November 2017. The 42,000 sq ft facility built in Hyderabad’s IT special economic zone was established with a strong focus on building local and global content, particularly feature and short films.

To facilitate the hiring process and screen prospective candidates, DDI partnered with Skillenza to hold an online challenge that would qualify them for the VR Hackathon. The results of the hackathon were phenomenal. The VR Hackathon fulfilled its aim to tap into and expand its existing team of highly skilled local talent, and establish Digital Domain’s mastery in the visual effects and interactive content space in India.

The available positions at DDI ranged from Unity and Backend developer roles to Pipeline TD and Core Software Engineer roles.

Of the more than 1,500 registered applicants for the positions, 300 were deemed sufficiently qualified and were shortlisted to attend the Hack-VR hackathon. In the end, 52 candidates attended the hackathon to potentially make an impression on the judges and win offer letters to join DDI’s Hyderabad team.


“We have identified high-quality talent whom, we believe, will help realize the goal of building our world-class VR and VFX software and pipeline team in India. This is our first big step as we move forward to meet the talent acquisition target in our Indian studio,” said Amit Chopra, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, Digital Domain.

Digital Domain’s founders include James Cameron, Scott Ross, and Stan Winston. They have offices in Los Angeles, London, Vancouver, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong and Hyderabad.


If you feel like you missed out on a golden opportunity, do not fear as we have dozens more challenges on the Skillenza platform for you to attempt to impress employers and land your next job.



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