7 types of programmers that you’ll meet!

Sometimes I believe that there should be a different branch of study for this peculiar species called ‘Programmers’. They come in all shapes and sizes and different characteristics. Each one so unique in themselves that you may not even realize there was ‘Dumbledore’ sitting and having a drink next to you. So here’s this science simplified to help you catch a coder’s type quickly!
  • The syntax Nazi:This OCD guy would have a well-organized working space and unquestionably prefers tabs over spaces. He would have memorized the company’s style bible and cannot tolerate a single indentation error. Shut your curly braces well, gentlemen!
    Image result for grammar nazi
  • The evangelist: This pretty lady would hate Java but is forced to use at work. Big glasses, tough face and a click to refresh the hacker news every 5 mins. Oh, I completely forgot, she takes pride in calling Go, Scala and Julia as her friends.
    Related image
  • The Freddie Mercury: Absolute rockstar of open sources. He is a Robinhood helping noobs on stack-overflow and has so many repositories and GitHub pushes to his credit. Loves speaking at conferences and sharing his knowledge. He owns the stage man
  • Image result for rockstar cartoon
  • Dumbledore: He is the wise sage with years of experiences and costs as much as 10x times than you to the company. If you see multiple screens around you know it’s him. His advice is never to be ignored for he has seen more than you. He is quiet reserved and reluctantly gives away autograph to his fans.
    Image result for old sage cartoon
  • The noob: He’s that hipster who thinks you code ‘coz it’s cool. Attends every code party, events, boot camps and hacks. Clicks selfie and posts it with #coderlife. Highly dependent on open source platforms and googles every now and then and dreams of becoming the new Steve Jobs.
    Image result for noob programmer cartoon
  • The sentinel: He is that french bearded security expert in your office. He knows all the blackhat tricks and stands with a placard saying, “Thou shalt not pass!” Don’t try your tricks on him, for he knows ’em all!
    Related image
  • The Data ET: This extraterrestrial entity speaks in a language unknown. Python, R and SAS are his pets and he eats math for breakfast and statistics for lunch. This odd guy charges some 5x times greater than you and eat, drinks and sleeps with data

Image result for data scientist icon

What KIND are you? Let us know in the comments below!

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