How You Could Be Part of Amazon’s Engineering Team

The world witnessed a staggering rise of a company that truly redefined the consumer internet business and cloud infrastructure services. Amazon has also been spearheading business and tech in India ever since the country got to know of it. But what makes Amazon so great as a company? Is it their technology, their values or their amazing engineering teams? Innovation-development-growth all rests in the hands of your tech team and Amazon as you may have guessed has the best people on the floor!
So what’s working at Amazon like?
Amazon has multiple teams where you can work with technologies nobody else aces at. Amazon is considered the flag bearer of cloud infrastructure and services domain and no other company is even close to competing.  The engineers at Amazon build some mind blowing large scale systems. If you are looking for an opportunity to build creative technology solutions that positively impact hundreds of millions of international customers, and relish large ownership and diverse technologies, then Amazon is the place for you! At Amazon, you will be instrumental in shaping the product direction and will be actively involved in defining key product features that drive the business.
I once read about the 2-Pizza team theory which has also helped the company attract and retain entrepreneurial talent and reach new heights of success. The 2Pizza team lead job is similar in character to being general manager of a division. Just as a GM is a CEO of a product within a company, a 2PTL is the CEO of narrower function. This makes it an attractive opportunity for an ambitious young leader. It gives a strong growth experience to the employees with ownership and drive—core Amazon cultural values.
And you know what? You are just in time for an Amazon Code:: Sprint which is your stairway to the dream job you’ve been longing always. Register today, opportunity does not knock twice!
You work with the Principal Engineers at Amazon to evolve the design and architecture of the products owned by the respective team. The essence of ownership is what helps you evolve into a successful tech professional at Amazon. Not only will you be providing technical direction to a highly competent team of software engineers but you will also be responsible for setting up and holding a high software quality bar.
A company that works together wins together and that is what Amazon has been doing always. Think you are a good fit for their A TEAM? Apply for the Amazon Code Sprint today and get the ball rolling!

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