Why You Should Participate in Online Challenges

With most of the world online now, could our challenges be far behind? Surely, not! We are noticing that more and more companies are posting challenges online, inviting talent from every nook and cranny to participate in them. For them, it is a convenient way to hire talent and also explore new aspects of their product.

For participants too, the benefits are immense. After all, online challenges present you with an avenue to better your skills and opens up new opportunities for you. Plus, you can achieve all this without changing out of your PJs. Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? Here’s a list of reasons why you should sign up for online challenges.

Hone Your Skills

This is, by far, the biggest advantage that online challenges bring. Whether the challenge is to produce a piece of brilliant code or produce a piece of brilliant writing, it helps you channelize your skills and create a valuable product that can be embraced by consumers. Many a time, at the workplace, you probably don’t get a lot of opportunities to experiment and test our skills in different scenarios. With online challenges, you can easily get rid of that problem. For example, you may be a coder for a well-established brand but if you want to know what it takes to build a product for a startup, online challenges will help you explore your skills.

Get Hired

Of course, if at the end of the day, you get to take away a cool, job offer, there’s nothing like it. Most online challenges like live hackathons aim to discover hot talent. If you play your cards right and crack your task with flair, you can expect an interview call. However, make sure you submit something that you proud of. A half-baked submission that does not meet the brief and offers nothing new will not win you any interest from the hiring manager.

Showcase Your Work Online

If you are in a technical job or are a writer, you may often notice that companies no longer just ask for your CV. They also ask you to share samples of your work, be it a GitHub Profile or a personal blog. Participating in online challenges, helps you build a solid profile. At the end of the challenge, you only need to upload your piece of code or your written piece on your online profiles to show it to companies that are interested in hiring you.

Don’t leave home

You can conquer an online challenge from the comfort of your home. You won’t have to navigate heavy traffic to get to a venue on time nor will you have to worry about lugging your laptop to the other corner of the city. You just need to find your comfy spot on the couch, plug in and get conquering!

Work on your own time

The good thing about online challenges is that they offer more time flexibility when compared to live hackathons. Mostly you’ll be given enough time to put thought into the idea and into the execution of what you are building. So, you can easily continue with your daily life chores and work on the challenge in your down time. And, over a few weeks, you can perfect your product, iron out the glitches, and aim to deliver something that’s outstanding.

To participate in Venturesity’s online challenges, log on here.

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