See Rent-A-Thon React to Rubies


What do you think when you hear the term hackathon in a casual context? If it’s laptops, Red Bull and mad typing skills – you’re on the right track.


GrabOnRent is a product rental marketplace that rents customers a variety of products and gets them delivered to their doorstep. It aims to disrupt the sharing economy in India with a vision to make any product available to anyone by introducing an alternate consumption method other than buying.

Rent-a-thon is a 24-hour hackathon organized by GrabOnRent in Bangalore on 2nd – 3rd December to hire both frontend and backend developers.


The company aggregates individuals and distributed suppliers and provides a variety of products to their customers to rent from. The company aims to ease the process of renting by providing a comprehensive solution including, product selection, secure payments and logistics support.

So think an Amazon for all products, but you can only rent them, and return them once you no longer have a use for them. Isn’t that incredible? Take, for example, a new laptop that’s top of the line right now, but that you can return in 3 months when something better comes along. This is essentially what GrabOnRent is doing in the Indian consumer marketplace.


If you want to be a part of this mission and happen to be a backend or frontend developer, here is what they are looking for :-

Requirements for React:

  • Comfortable working on React, Flux, ES7, Redux, Webpack and have significant experience with Javascript
  • Great at building responsive and user-friendly single-page applications in React, Angular, Flux, Webpack, HTML5, CSS, etc.


Requirements for Ruby on Rails:

  • Experience with RESTful API development on Rails
  • Integration of data storage solutions – in our case, MongoDb, Postgresql, Redis


Why would you want to work here – beyond their innovative business model? Because you want to be part of a diverse, young and energetic team, love the idea of getting hands-on experience with the latest technology, and care for flexible working hours and fun-filled Saturdays. Oh, and if you love kachoris, donuts and beer, you’re the perfect fit!


So how does one get their hands on an offer here? The quickest way to secure this job offer is to register, fill in some details, get shortlisted, and then blow away the judges at the hackathon! What are you waiting for?

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