How Will Machine Learning And AI Impact Our Lives In The Coming Years?

Man, blessed with this beautiful machine called a brain is all set to conquer the world. Through centuries he evolved and created wonders. Back then machines were his slave. He gave them commands and they obeyed. His life was easy, but he dared to accomplish the impossible. What if he did not need to feed direction to get his work done? What if the machines could think on their own and get things done on their own? What if he created a machine brain so smart machines could actually communicate, feel, understand and respond?
50 years into the 21st century and voila, AI and machine learning take birth! It has come a long way since then and an unthinkable future with limitless possibilities awaits. So how will these smart brains affect our lives in future? Let us take a step into the future to discover it all.
Smarter everything: Siri, Cortana, Google Assistants are great examples of AI and deep learning today. And it is not just the mobile phone technology that got revolutionized. Your home appliances, vehicles, buildings and practically everything around you is going to get smarter. Advanced photo recognition with software like Deepmind will auto tag your friends on a facebook post without any manual labor. Advanced deep learning will usher in the next era of search. AI, IOT, ML will have a perfect integration and Jarvis’ will run the show!
Robots will be taking up your jobs: Automation is casting a canopy far and across. Today, you are so replaceable that your company might not even need you in future. And why not? Less manual intervention, fewer errors, perfect deliverable. Companies are investing heavily in automating everything and the ROI is unbelievable. A click and a manual work of 4 hours get done in less than a minute. The human made algorithms and machines are eating up their jobs today. Thanks to McKinsey, this tableau visualization here will give you a reality check.
Robo surgeons, robo chefs, robo pets, Robolution?: Robolutionized is what the coming years are going to be. Not long ago this robotic kitchen was showcased. You have already heard about robotic surgeries with acute accuracy and effectiveness. But there is no end to this. Scientists are already on their way to create lifelike humanoids and it is proceeding at an unrealistic pace day by day. A quick glance through videos of Boston Dynamics will blow your mind. First, they take over our jobs, now they take over us?
The Oracle, the Sovereign, the Genie: AI Megamind, Nick Bostrommentions that there would be the rise of three different kinds of super machines. An “oracle” would be able to answer questions with accuracy. A “genie” would do anything it is commanded to do. While a “sovereign” will operate in the real world and make decisions about how best to accomplish a mission. Skynet, terminator, HER, Optimus Prime… hear some bells ringing?
Scary levels of intelligence: ” Sorry, I Can’t do this bullsh*t!” When a machine talks back to you in such a fierce tone, you need to reconsider what you’ve created. IBM’s Watson, this century’s one of the most intelligent creations memorized the entire urban dictionary and vented out this reply. His masters were simply asking him to run some tests which he considered crap! Everybody was stunned and they had to delete the overloaded memory.
What we need to rethink is that, today it’s just a machine with actuators, ICs, and sensors and can cause no physical damage whatsoever. In the coming years, machines will be amidst the humans. What if they deny following our commands. What if the slave turns into a master? 100 different things to consider, 100 different things to invent. Where to draw the line is what needs to be thought well. Any Westworld fans? You’ll definitely say similar feelings shared!
Rock and roll horns up for this age of AI, ML and IOT! w/

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